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How Paid Social Media Sold 44 Cars in 120 Days

Cassens Car Dealership saw a 224x Return on Investment During Their Off Season.

Goal: Drive Ready-to-Purchase Leads and increase car sales using social Media


Cars Sold


In Revenue


Total ad spend cost per purchase


Return on Total Marketing Investment


Return on marketing ad spend

As an award-winning dealership in Glen Carbon, IL, Cassens has a proven track record for selling cars and creating lasting relationships with its customers. As digital and social advertising continues to dominate the marketing world, they knew they needed to shift these features of their business to the web.


When we started working with our friends at Cassens, our goal was clear: sell more cars!


Since we provide data-driven financial results that correlate marketing goals directly to our partner’s business goals, we knew that we would have to implement a strategy that repeatedly positioned Cassens as a source of information on new vehicle options and the best place from which to make a purchase.


Using highly targeted audiences made up of current and potential customers backed by actual first-party customer data, combined with informative creative approaches, we drove more than $1.3 million in vehicle purchases in 120 days.

How We Did It

Finding the Right People Online

For years, we’ve been dropping ideal audience demographics into the top of Cassen’s online marketing sales funnel for retargeting purposes. We used data of real people who had purchased from Cassens to create a new audience of people in the area who matched the same demographic information.


Once those people visited the Cassens’ website, provided their email address, or engaged with ad content, we are able to capture them into new audiences and continuously retarget them with ads to keep Cassens top of mind.


Potential customers now had a touch point on the brand! They were able to continuously learn what Cassens had to offer them, increasing their potential to convert into a new customer! Of the total purchases made, 89% came from Page Fans, Website Visitors, Social Engaged Users, and Email lists.


We tested multiple creative mediums to see if we could overcome the car dealership industry’s issue that 78% of car shoppers use 3rd party sites as an online resource for research.

We wanted to center Cassens as the not only the place to buy, but also, as a primary source of information! Implementing Facebook’s Canvas and Carousel ad mediums, in addition to traditional static ads, allowed us to test user response to informational content.

Canvas Ads

Dealership websites have a tendency to provide cost values for customers, but not vehicle feature values – and Cassens’ website was no different. Canvas ad formats were the ideal way to present this information without a website overhaul.




Audiences viewed canvas

17 sec.

Average view time


uCTR to website


Car Sales


In Revenue


Ad Cost Per Purchase


People Reached



Carousel Ads

We also utilized carousel ads as way to showcase their vast selection, vehicle variety, and the accessibility of varied price points.


In revenue


People Reached




uCTR to Website

Static Ads

We comprised the remaining campaigns with static advertisements meant to drive increase page fans, collect email address, or promote the company’s service department. These approaches had multiple purposes, but that didn’t stop the information from driving customers to the store to make a purchase!


Cars sold




People Reached






uCTR to Website

In both mediums, we made use of a/b split testing to discover the relevant creative and content topic approaches to selling to this audience. Our main focuses were to test general inventory versus a singular focus on their top-selling, new models. The majority of purchases were driven by content that showcased the wide inventory and selection of products offered at Cassens.

Data-Driven Results

The same way we used customer purchase data to create our top-of-funnel audiences, we also used data from customer purchases to draw direct correlations between marketing messages & sales.

We matched the purchase data from Cassens CRM with social media users that saw Cassens ads on both Facebook & Instagram.

In 120 Days


Cars Sold


In revenue collected


Advertising spend cost per car sold


Return on advertising investment


Return on ad spend


Total People Reached


Total Impressions


Total CPM

For every $1 Cassens spent on their advertising spend, they received $1251.16 back for their return on ad spend. Including all of their social media marketing costs, Cassens saw a 224x return on their marketing investment. Not to mention – it was all during their off-season from January to April.

Now that’s what we call driving ROI!