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Beer, Hugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

mayday brewery
mayday brewery
mayday brewery
mayday brewery


On November 30th, 2012, Middle Tennessee was introduced to the one-of-a-kind brewery that is Mayday. Likened to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Mayday is a magical brewery where instead of gorging copious amounts of candy snozberries, Oompa Loompa’s abound, and going on a psychedelic tour led by Willy Wonka, there’s a factory of characters zymurgy-ing craft beer, scrumptious Mayday-unique beers flow like a chocolate river, and brewery tours are led by the equally trippy owner, Ozzy Nelson. Basically, Mayday Brewery is like a candy factory for adults, and the only “golden ticket” you need to enter is your ID.


In November of 2015, Ozzy came to Drive and challenged our team to help him promote all things Mayday Brewery has to offer. Specifically, Ozzy wanted us to increase Mayday’s brewery tour sales. Of course, we accepted the challenge and went right to work. Lucky for us, Ozzy has personally crafted [he leads every tour himself!] his tours to be unique and unlike any brewery tour you’ve ever been on… Don’t believe us? Check out this “Tour” video Drive produced for Mayday and see the difference yourself!


In order to increase Mayday’s tours, we knew we had to put our messaging in front of a highly qualified audience. Again, lucky for us, we knew if we really honed in on this particular audience, the groovy madness of Ozzy’s tours would sell themselves…


SO, who ARE these people? We took a look at Mayday’s core customers to create some highly targeted audiences. Afterall, if we have the right message, show it at the right time, to the right people, it’s not IF they convert… it’s when.


We created four core audiences consisting of Mayday’s brand advocates, as well as users who may not know about Mayday. These were:


  • Facebook Fans– These users liked Mayday’s page for a reason, so we wanted to continue to show how fun these tours are, and get them to come in more often!
  • Website Traffic– If a consumer visits Mayday’s website, what happens if he or she leaves the site, gets distracted, and forgets about all the wonderful things Mayday has to offer? We can’t let that happen! By installing a custom Facebook pixel, we can now target this traffic to make sure we are staying front of mind with these potential customers.
  • Email Addresses– Being that Facebook’s targeting options are basically endless, we can take all of the emails Mayday has acquired through its newsletter subscription, as well as emails we generated through a tour giveaway (see below) and continue to hit these users in the Newsfeed with more content around the tours.
  • Craft Beer Enthusiasts– We took a look at Mayday’s core customers and created an audience that reflects this group of people. These people live in a 25 mile radius of the brewery, and drink beer, but also enjoy it in all its diversity. These craft beer enthusiasts may not know about Mayday… And boy, are they missing out!


Next, we took a look at our messaging. How can we promote the tours, the beers, and the brewery himself?


We combined video, tour giveaways, and awareness campaigns to show why there’s really no brewery tour like a Mayday brewery tour.



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With well thought-out ad campaigns running combined with the launch of our “Tour” video in January 2016 on social, Mayday Brewery experienced:

  • An overall brewery tour growth of 49%
  • A 28% increase in tours the month the tour video launched
  • A 53% increase in tours when compared to January 2015