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Moving On Up to a Trackable Strategy

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When BEK Moving Co., a small business in St. Louis, MO, partnered with Drive to increase new customers and see a measurable return on investment, it saw significant results, including a 6.69 ROI and almost $65K in new revenue from targeted Facebook and Instagram ads.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


The New Standard In Moving

Opening in 2017, BEK has had an uphill battle to make a name for itself in a highly competitive local & national market. Despite difficulties in a reliable marketing strategy, BEK Moving was able to make a name for itself, acquiring a coveted spot as a Finalist on the St. Louis Magazine “A” List for 2020.


A Trackable Marketing Strategy

After multiple failed marketing attempts, including billboards and print, even attempting a paid social approach themselves, owners Blake Baumgarte and Erick Perez realized they needed a reliable, trackable, marketing plan that would consistently show them a true dollar in, dollar out return on investment.


Bridge the Gap from Online Campaigns to Offline Purchases

Not only were we able to Drive a 6.69X ROI, but by using our proprietary software, Marketing Milk, we were able to link BEK’s brick-and-mortar transactions to its digital marketing efforts, to track and show the real-time purchases, showing them the long sought after trackable marketing solution.
Through the integration of our proprietary Marketing Milk software, Drive Social Media was able to not only drive more, higher dollar moves to BEK, but also introduced the first form of measurable strategy for the business. Additionally, through AI/machine learning, we were able to identify audiences of new customers, similar to their past and current customers.

In addition to the measurable strategy, Drive’s creative helped BEK compete in a highly competitive market that is saturated with larger companies that blanket entire regions with advertisements. The Drive + BEK strategy was able to reach customers with high-value advertisements on a more targeted level, providing greater results for much less ad spend.


Moving On Up

From August 9th to November 9th 2020, Drive Social Media was able to over deliver on its goal of 2x ROI – reaching a very strong 6.69x ROI in months 6 - 9 of the partnership. Our targeted strategy drove 68 total moves, which led to $64164.36 in direct revenue for the business from just a hair over $1,500 in advertising spend. For every dollar spent on Facebook and its related platforms, BEK Moving saw a 4,257% return on ad spend (ROAs).

"The partnership with Drive has impacted us by working. Results are the only thing that makes a marketing plan worth the investment. That, and the ability to have faith in the people who know what they're doing. We've seen our facebook presence grow tremendously. We see better jobs coming in. Bigger ticket moves are being made. Our reputation has continued to grow and impress."

— Erik, Director of Marketing


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