O'Fallon Brewery Web Development Case Study

Leveraging Web to Create a Strong Brand Personality


Being a small craft brewery, O’Fallon takes great pride in its craft, putting much time and care into creating each of its unique brews. In May of 2015, it opened a brewery that offers tours and a tasting room, a new addition that was very exciting for the brand. O’Fallon challenged Drive to create a website that showcased the passion behind its brewing process that would roll out in time for the opening of its new facility.


Through the use of photography, video and an interactive platform, Drive built a website that makes O’Fallon stand out from its competitors. We worked with its team to:
Create an all new, responsive and interactive website.
Produce videos and photos to better showcase the brand, as well as the passion and technique behind its brewing process.
Create a page to showcase the unique flavor of each beer and better inform consumers on how to best enjoy the beers.


Drive developed an organized and user-friendly layout to present information about O’Fallon’s new brewery and upcoming events. In order to better represent the brand’s personality, we created a site with a modern feel that is also visually appealing to the user.