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A Sweet Tooth for Success


Sudden business growth can sometimes feel like a tough kick in the teeth when you don’t have the tools you need to take advantage of this sometimes daunting opportunity. Consistently finding prospects & converting them into clients is the life blood of every dental clinic marketing campaign. For Smith Dental, finding the right clients was key to their success with Drive. When Dr. Smith decided to focus his marketing efforts on orthodontics and implants, Drive was able to generate 14 purchases with a 7.34x ROI and over $9k in revenue through targeted Facebook campaigns!


Total Revenue






Smith Dental is known for putting confident smiles on faces. They do this so well in fact that they were experiencing rapid growth when they first approached Drive Social Media. The owner once ran a SEO agency on the side while he was in dental school, so he understood that even in times of rapid growth marketing is a critical tool to help any business sustain that growth. Dr. Smith had tried google ads and boosted facebook posts but was unsure of how he could use Meta’s ad platform in his marketing mix.


Dr. Smith didn't just want results. He wanted specific results. Smith Dental gets a lot of general dentistry patients on their own but they wanted to perform more specialized jobs such as implants and orthodontics. They even mentioned that their target audience was younger moms in their 30s-40s with kids ages 7+. The big question was how could Drive Social Media help drive those types of customers to their door.

The answer?

Create advertising strategies that tested what Dr. Smith’s target audience cared about most. Cost or convenience?


We ran 5 campaigns that split test the values of cost & convenience. Some ads were more brand based, while others were focused on specific treatments, such as orthodontics and implants. As for our creative approach, we used colorful imagery and conceptual graphics to highlight the friendly and vibrant environment you’ll experience when visiting Smith Dental. Using this strategy we were able to drive 384 phone call inquiries, book 7 new appointments, and generate 14 purchases leading to $9,234.00 in revenue during August ‘22 to October ‘22.

With these results, Dr. Smith and his team were able to reach their target audience and put more smiles on more faces!

“Drive Social Media effectively helped promote my brand and increase my revenue through targeted advertising campaigns. The team at Drive was professional, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my marketing efforts were successful. The results have been outstanding and I have seen an increase in revenue since working with them. I highly recommend Drive Social to any business looking to take their growth to the next level.”

 - Dr. Smith

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