Even a single inaccurate listing can derail your website’s search value. Is your company information consistent across ALL platforms?

Use our Business Listing Tool to instantly identify inconsistencies across Google, Facebook, Yelp — or anywhere your business information appears online.

Eliminate erroneous business listings

Inconsistent or incorrect listings can create headaches for consumers. Differing information about your contact information, hours, or location is a recipe for a frustrating user experience, and one that can push your potential customers directly in to the arms of a competitor. Additionally, search engines like Google will limit your search results as a result of false business information.

Maintaining consistency across channels can be time-consuming and tedious. Luckily, Drive Social Media is here to automate the maintenance required to sustain consistent information about your business. Our Business Listing Tool not only eliminates the substantial time commitment required to keep identical listings, it provides you peace-of-mind that your local search rankings and customer journey don’t encounter any roadblocks or hiccups created by bad listings.