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Telling YOUR Story

Social media is all about telling a story, and although every story is different, they all follow a similar path -an eye-catching beginning, a riveting slice of information and a well-developed conclusion.


Drive will bring that story to life using those key elements. A one-minute video is equivalent to about 1.8 million words and video marketing has become a communication necessity. Like any business tactic, creating a video requires thorough planning and a dedicated professional team. The video production team at Drive will be an extension of your business, and lead you step-by-step through the entire storytelling process. We will learn the ins and outs of your business, immerse ourselves in your industry, and engage with your staff to create a video that resonates with your customers and relates to your brand. 

Video marketing has become a communication necessity, and like any business tactic, requires thorough planning and a dedicated professional team.

Drive’s Video Production Process


Our goal is to tell YOUR story in a way you’ll be proud of. This process begins with a great idea -one that will lead your potential customers to become a part of your business, a part of your brand. Drive’s Content Creators will develop a story that delivers your message in a way that resonates with your viewers, whether it’s a corporate training video, commercial video or testimonial shoot. We will then work with you to storyboard, ensuring the video plans meet your expectations before the cameras even start rolling, saving you valuable time and money.


Drive takes all aspects of video production off your shoulders and places them squarely on our own. We’ll handle scouting the location, and the coordination of every shoot. We can film on-location, in our video production studio or anywhere your story takes us. And if we can’t shoot at your desired location, we can bring the location to you in studio by way of green screen.


Our team is a group of talented storytellers, but it’s our video editing in post-production that will piece together the tale. We construct your video in a way that provides a solid foundation for your messages and objectives. In addition, by incorporating industry-leading graphics and animation, state-of-the-art video effects, and stimulating audio, our team can turn an ordinary video into an extraordinary experience.

Our complete range of digital marketing services will put your campaign above the competition. Please feel free to contact us to see how Drive can implement these strategies so your business can start seeing results.

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