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It's Time For A Change

You’ve decided it’s time for a change to the way you market your business. Maybe you’re growing and you want to capitalize on that momentum. Maybe you’re on the decline and you know you need to move in another direction. Either way, it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to seize the power that Drive Social Media, a distinguished (and the ONLY) St. Louis digital marketing agency listed 7 times on the Inc. 5000, brings to your social media strategy.


Free Social Media ROI Training

We will meet you on your turf to provide education around the ever-evolving social media marketing landscape. You’ll get a full demo of where social media marketing has been, where it stands currently, and where it’s headed in the future. We will supply you with up-to-date, ROI-focused social media marketing education so that you can make informed decisions about the direction you want to take your social media strategy. This education isn’t just priceless — it’s 100% free.


Your Customers Feed Our AI

Next, we’ll extract information collected by your databases, such as your POS, CRM, and/or VOIP software. Our data scientists will analyze your business to find out why your customers buy from you, while also identifying who your current and future customers are through artificial intelligence. If your current social media agency partner or manager doesn’t have access to your information, we should talk immediately.

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Likes Don’t Drive Sales

After identifying why your customers are buying from you, we’ll review all of your past digital marketing efforts and distinguish correlations between your sales and your marketing strategies. Even if no sales have ever been driven from any of your digital strategies, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start from scratch. (If your current social media agency partner or manager is tracking “likes, comments, and shares” but not actual revenue, we should talk immediately.)


All Your Data, One Simple Platform

Once we have access to all of your systems, we will develop custom API bridges to transfer your information to Marketing Milk, our central data-storing solution, so that for the first time ever, you will be able to see a real-time, dollar-in, dollar-out ROI from your social media marketing efforts.


Social Media Revenue Tracking Made Easy

We will only track the digital marketing KPIs that matter to you, all organized in your own custom dashboard that will only report on metrics that drive dollars, sales, and revenue — not likes, comments, and shares.

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A True Turnkey Solution

Now it’s time to get to work. We’ll handle everything from your paid social campaigns, custom design work, photography, videography, landing pages, and more. We’ll optimize everything for your KPI so that you can drive the action that puts the most money in the bank. The icing on the cake? This process typically takes less than 30 days to get fully up and running.


Obtainable Goals, Long-Term Success

One of the biggest reasons most businesses fail at social media is because they do not create attainable goals that allow their business to grow their digital viability over time. We will create custom milestones throughout each step of your social campaigns to achieve the targeted three times (or more) return on your investment.


Never Feel Left In The Dark

With all of your data in one location, you’ll always know your social media marketing is driving results for your business. We’ll only celebrate the KPI’s that lead to revenue — new & repeat customers, website visitors, and incoming phone calls — and never likes, comments, or shares as a victory.

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5 Over 9 Reviews
I’ve tried many companies to market our business but I’ve felt most fall short or are complete scams. This one actually exceeded expectations and it’s actually fun working with them. From the sales team to their execs at the office, it’s pleasant to visit. They respect your time and have high quality professionals working on your content. It’s really nice to watch them grow their office the past year and I wish them the best success.
The ad campaigns from Drive have been pivotal in helpful build more traffic and sales in our stores. Their experience in crafting creative ads for different audiences is key to improving our return on marketing dollars.
Drive has given us great personalized experiences and ads. They really research and find out what our business wants to achieve, how we want to market ourselves, and deliver creative and content based on that. We’ve seen great business results from working with them!
We begin our journey with Drive Social Media about four years ago. With their help and expertise, we have turned our social media presence around. We love the fact that they are able to show our progress through solid analytic reporting. I highly encourage anyone who want to grow their business to contact the folks at Drive Social Media!

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Have you experienced the impact of our digital marketing strategies? We’d love to hear about it! Your feedback not only helps us improve but also assists other businesses in making informed decisions. Leave a Drive Social Media review today and let the world know how we’ve helped transform your business.

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Drive Social Media FAQs

Drive Social Media focuses on delivering real, measurable ROI from your social media marketing efforts, unlike traditional agencies that may focus on vanity metrics like likes and comments. We leverage your business data, advanced analytics, and AI to tailor strategies that drive sales and revenue.

Success is measured by tangible results—specifically, sales, revenue, and customer engagement metrics that directly contribute to your bottom line. We use a sophisticated tracking system that shows a clear, real-time ROI on your social media marketing efforts.

Any business looking to improve their social media strategy with data-driven, ROI-focused approaches will benefit. Whether you’re growing and want to maintain momentum or facing challenges and need a new direction, our services are designed to meet your needs.

While results can vary, our process is designed to get your custom social media strategy up and running typically in less than 30 days, with ongoing optimization for long-term success and attainable goals.

Not at all. We tailor our services to meet you where you are, regardless of your previous social media experience or budget size. Our goal is to provide you with an education on social media ROI and craft a strategy that fits your unique needs.

We extract information from your databases, like POS, CRM, and VOIP software, and use AI to analyze your business, understand your customers, and identify future prospects. This data-driven approach ensures that our strategies are deeply aligned with your business goals.

Marketing Milk is our central data-storing solution that integrates with your existing systems via custom API bridges. It allows for a seamless view of your social media marketing ROI, showing you real-time results in terms of sales and revenue generated.

Yes, we offer a true turnkey solution that includes everything from paid social campaigns to custom design, photography, videography, landing pages, and more, all optimized to meet your specific KPIs and drive revenue.

That’s not a problem. We specialize in identifying the core reasons your customers buy from you and building a strategy from scratch if necessary. Our focus is on creating strategies that drive sales, regardless of past performance.

Getting started is easy. Contact us for a free social media ROI training session. We’ll meet you on your turf to provide education around the social media marketing landscape and discuss how our services can help achieve your business goals.