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At Drive Social Media our goal is to push the envelope and give our partners a lasting brand connection with their potential customers. Through our AR Activations, we try to create an experience that is unique to that brand so that a potential customer will have lasting brand loyalty after using the activation.

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St. Louis Blues

Imo’s Pizza


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What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) modifies a real-world environment with computer-generated graphics, expanding your digital marketing strategies into the physical world. Drive Social Media develops experiential marketing activations for consumers tailor-made to fit our clients specific needs.

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Case Studies

When we enter into a partnership on an Augmented Reality (AR) Activation, our goal is to create a user experience unlike any other, and our work speaks for itself. Click our link below to see some of our past work in detail with the NHL, Bud Light, and the St. Louis Blues.

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There are multiple ways to create an augmented reality experience. Those experiences inside the layer of the virtual world are called Effects. AR Effects can be anything from a face filter, Information you insert into the virtual world or even interactive games. Click below to learn how you can get started with us on creating your own AR experience.

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AR Creation

Using Spark AR Studio, we create augmented reality experiences that help businesses tangibly engage with their customers through Facebook and Instagram, all while capturing granular user data in real-time.

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Augmented Reality (AR) FAQs

Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to the real world, enhancing social media marketing by creating immersive and interactive experiences directly in user feeds. This technology allows brands to engage uniquely and memorably with users on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, driving higher engagement rates and brand recall.

While virtual reality (VR) creates a fully immersive digital environment, augmented reality (AR) overlays digital information onto the real world. AR is particularly effective in paid advertising as it engages consumers without requiring them to leave their physical context, enhancing ads with interactive and visually appealing elements.

In local marketing, augmented reality can bring storefronts to life with interactive displays or offer localized AR experiences that highlight nearby deals or products. For example, AR can enhance how local shoppers interact with products, allowing them to visualize items in a real-world context before purchasing.

Augmented reality can revolutionize your marketing strategy by increasing user engagement, improving conversion rates, and building deeper brand loyalty. It’s particularly effective in paid advertising campaigns on social media, where AR experiences can significantly increase the impact of each ad.

To optimize AR content for SEO and digital marketing, focus on aligning AR experiences with your target keywords, especially in descriptions and metadata. Incorporate AR into your social media marketing strategies to enhance interaction and ensure that your AR activations are shareable and tailored to the interests of your local audience.

Our AR activations are custom-designed for each brand, ensuring they stand out in the competitive digital marketing space. By integrating AR with social media marketing and paid advertising strategies, we create engaging experiences that lead to lasting brand connections and measurable ROI. Book a free meeting to learn how Drive Social Media can revolutionize your online presence.

Augmented reality influences consumer decisions by providing immersive previews and interactive experiences, whether they’re shopping locally or online. This technology helps bridge the gap between physical and digital advertising, enhancing consumer confidence and driving sales through engaging and informative experiences.

Drive Social Media has successfully implemented AR campaigns for brands like the NHL, Bud Light, and the St. Louis Blues, creating engaging experiences that boost fan interaction and brand exposure. These campaigns demonstrate the power of AR in enhancing brand presence both online and at physical events.

Yes, augmented reality is a versatile tool that can be cost-effective for both local marketing and global branding. By creating tailored experiences that captivate both local and global audiences, AR can deliver significant returns on investment through increased engagement and sales.

To begin an AR campaign, collaborate with Drive Social Media to identify your marketing goals and design AR experiences that complement your existing social media marketing and paid advertising efforts. Our team ensures that your AR campaign is strategically aligned with your brand’s overall marketing objectives, maximizing its impact.

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