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Paid & Earned Media Strategies to Boost Your Business
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Do I Need a PR Agency?

Any business that has a product or service and a message (hint, hint: that’s every business) can benefit from partnering with a PR agency. The ability to meet consumers where they already are, and be a part of the conversations they’re already having enters these consumers directly into the middle stages of your funnel. The best PR agency will be able to get in front of the most eyes at the cheapest cost.

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First, our PR strategists will meet with you to learn about your brand, discover your goals, and learn about your target audience so that we can determine the most impactful landing spot for your content.

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Audience Analysis

Next, we do exhaustive research on your target audience to determine where they’re spending their time, what kind of content they’re consuming, and what their top pain points are. We will develop content that specifically address the problems that your product or service offers.

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Relationships Building

We get to work and begin establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with decision makers at the publications and media outlets in your industry. We only focus on the outlets that get attention from potential consumers that are in or near-market for your product, so your PR strategy is only focused on your target market.

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Bridging the Gap

We facilitate the relationship between your brand and the media outlets that are most impactful for your business to create compelling content that achieves your PR strategy. This content is designed to bring value to your audience, position you as an authority, drive consumers to your website, and ultimately, purchase from your business.

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Track, Evaluate, Improve

We will analyze the behavior of those that interact with your content and track those that subsequently purchase from your business, so that you can scale your PR efforts in to a clear ROI.

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Public Relations (PR) FAQs

Public relations (PR) focuses on managing and improving the reputation of your company through media and public interactions. Unlike marketing, which directly promotes products or services to drive sales, PR aims to create a positive perception and build relationships with your audience. While marketing often seeks immediate results through direct channels like paid advertising, PR works to cultivate a long-term positive image through earned media.

Public relations is crucial because it helps establish and maintain a positive brand image in your community. For local marketing, PR can enhance your visibility and credibility within local media and influential circles, making it easier for potential customers to trust and engage with your brand. This is especially effective when combined with local marketing strategies that aim to engage community members directly.

PR and marketing work together by aligning brand messages and leveraging each other’s strengths. While PR focuses on reputation management and earned media, marketing utilizes strategies including social media marketing, paid advertising, and local marketing to directly target potential customers. Together, they provide a comprehensive approach to brand promotion and audience engagement.

Starting with a PR agency involves defining your brand goals and understanding your target audience’s preferences and behaviors. A good PR agency will help amplify your social media marketing efforts by generating positive media coverage and influencer partnerships that increase your social presence and credibility.

Yes, public relations can significantly boost the effectiveness of your paid advertising. By building a strong brand reputation through PR, your paid ads are likely to be more well-received, as consumers are more inclined to engage with ads from a reputable and familiar brand. This synergy can lead to higher conversion rates and a better return on investment.

A successful PR strategy today must include a thorough understanding of your target audience, strategic media placements, and strong relationships with key influencers and media outlets. It should also integrate seamlessly with your digital marketing strategies, including email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO, to ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

Performing detailed audience analysis helps PR professionals understand where your audience spends their time, their media consumption habits, and their key pain points. This information allows PR campaigns to be tailored specifically to the interests and needs of your target audience, making them more impactful and likely to resonate.

Building relationships with media influencers and decision-makers is crucial in PR. These relationships ensure that your brand gets coverage in the most influential and relevant media outlets, reaching potential consumers effectively. Good relationships can also lead to more frequent and favorable coverage over time.

By tracking how audiences interact with PR content and monitoring subsequent conversions, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of different strategies and messages. This data is crucial for refining approaches, targeting efforts more precisely, and scaling successful tactics to maximize ROI.

Look for a PR agency that understands your industry, has strong connections with local and national media, and can demonstrate successful integration of PR activities with comprehensive digital marketing strategies. The agency should also be proactive in using analytics to measure the impact of their efforts and flexible enough to adapt strategies as needed.

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