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4.3 Over 171 Reviews
I recently had the pleasure of working with the Drive Social Media Company in Miami and I was very satisfied with their service. From the outset, their team was exceptionally nice and approachable, transparent, and direct in their communication. They took the time to understand my business needs and goals, providing clear and helpful tailored guidance along every step of the way (which was very helpful given some of the tools / strategies they used were a bit complicated to grasp). Their expertise in social media marketing is evident, as they were able to devise a unique comprehensive strategy that I’ve seen applied to many different products and services where they yielded excellent results. I highly recommend Drive to anyone looking for top-notch social media marketing services delivered with the highest level of professionalism and a very personal touch. Thank you Drive Team, I hope to work together again in the future, and in the meantime I will be recommending you to any friends or colleagues in need of your service.
Love the team over here. My shop Gold Galore Diamond Center uses them. We have had just a few months with them and they’ve exceeded their first guarantee during the “walk” phase.
Great experience with drive and their team! We have seen our social media presence grow incrementally over the year we have been working with them and have learned a lot in the process.
Our business has been working with Drive Social Media for over a year now. Everyone on the team is absolutely lovely and helpful! We've been very pleased with the results so far.

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