The season of gift giving rapidly approaches! Have you begun to prepare your holiday ad campaigns? I know, I know…you’re sitting there thinking why would I start advertising for the holidays when it’s still hot outside?

When holiday decor pops up in everyone’s windows, don’t be left scraping together last minute sales ad materials! Here are a few step to help get your business prepared for the season:

1. Plan Out Your Holiday Sales 

If you’re keeping track of your books, then you know what inventory needs to be cleared out by the end of the year to maximize profits and minimize taxes. Plan your sales! This isn’t the time of year for pop-up or last-minute sales. Planning your sales allows you to promote them and drive the in-store traffic you’d like to see. 

Better yet, this holiday season push time-sensitive sales enticing users with the urgency to act now! Give your free shipping, two-for-one offers an expiration date and see the numbers fly.

2. Prepare Your Content Ahead

There’s no reason to wait until crunch time to get your holiday advertising plans in place. You know what you want to sell this season, so get it together! Developing your creative takes time, especially if you want it to be well thought through and look nice.

Make your users believe that you are making their holiday shopping easier with your deals! Those well-planned sales will pay off even more if customers think that you’re on their side.

3. Find Your Customer’s Conversion Path

Do you know how long it takes your customers before they purchase from you? Consumers need more than a day to decide whether or not they are going to buy your product. Collecting data on your customer’s purchase behavior throughout the year will definitely come in handy around the holiday season.

Never fear if you haven’t sought out that information, increasing the frequency of your ad’s impressions will help push your customers closer and closer to the edge of conversion by keeping you top of mind.

If you have ecommerce on your website, you can set up Facebook’s conversion tools to help you track your consumer purchase data like what devices and which ads lead them to purchasing.

4. Install a Web Retargeting Pixel

Anyone marketing online today needs to have a Facebook website retargeting tool installed. This tracking pixel allows you to remarket your ads to people who have visited your website.

How does it work? Let’s say a customer lands on your website, they want to purchase from you, but life happens, and for some reason or another they don’t buy that very minute. Feeding them an ad using your retargeting pixel brings your product top of mind again and reminds them of the product they want.

Now that you feel ready to kill it in sales this holiday season, it’s time to get your campaigns created, optimized and running! Remember the average American spends almost $900 on gifts each year, will your business be part of the mix?