5 Signs You Need a Social Media Expert Now

The average amount of time spent on social media is 142 minutes a day. You might be asking, “Why is that relevant to my business?” If you’re asking this question, you clearly need a social media expert.

The bests social media experts recognize just how invaluable this window of time is. That’s over two hours of potential time to connect with users and generate real leads.

Finding reliable experts for social media is hard. To find the best agency for your business and learn why you even need social media marketing, read this guide.

1. If You’re Asking, “What Is Social Media Marketing?”

It would be best if you had a social media expert. Whether you’re a company leader or not, it’s 2020 and time to move the company forward. If your company isn’t participating in social media marketing, you are missing out on over half of users who research products using social.

Finding marketing experts for social media isn’t hard. Finding the best experts is a different story. Too many marketing agencies offer basic or limited marketing on social media.

When you look for a social media marketing agency, make sure they offer comprehensive services. Ask about their paid social media structure and demand results. If they have no testimonials to share with you, don’t trust them.

2. If You See Sales Slowing Down

If you have limited experience with social media marketing, you might not understand why your sales are stagnating. If you haven’t invested in increasing your online visibility, your customers may be interacting with competition instead.

This happens when you don’t optimize your business website for search engines. SEO ties into social media more than you’d think. Google’s algorithms will pull up businesses (and their related profiles) based on customer searches. You haven’t optimized anything if you don’t have any business pages on social media platform(s).

The best social media experts know that it’s just as important to have a Google My Business page and at least a Facebook Business page. Facebook has built-in messaging services to make it even easier for customers to reach you.

The more available and visible a business, the more customers will recognize your brand. Recognition means site visits, lead generation, and sales revenue.

3. Or, If Your Sales Are Skyrocketing

Instead of sales stagnating, maybe business is booming, and you don’t know why. If you do have a strong online reputation, but can’t interface with customers, you’re missing opportunities for growth.

Booming sales mean chances to grow brand loyalty. Branding helps customers understand your business’s mission, vision, values, and goods or services. It puts a face to a company and builds trust.

When customers trust a company, they engage more. They’ll even market your company for you on social media no less. Show some customer appreciation (e.g., with giveaways, loyalty discounts, exclusive access), and you’ll be surprised at the results.

It would be best if you had social media experts who understand these opportunities for long-term relationships. If your current team can’t make these opportunities, it’s time to look into hiring a real social media expert.

4. If You Aren’t Tracking Engagements

A lot of metrics factor into social media. Marketing experts for social media should be able to explain these metrics to you. If they can’t, you need a social media marketing agency that knows the value of reporting and analytics.

If you do understand social media and notice your engagements drop below 10%, you have a problem. This means not enough people are liking, sharing, or commenting on your content. An expert uses data to determine which content lands well with current demographics.

A marketing expert can also tell you which demographics you’re missing out on. They may have suggestions for you to better target your market(s).

Better targeting means higher engagement. This also increases visibility and the chances of landing sales and generating leads.

5. If You’re Uncertain How Much to Pay for Ads

You might be spending too much on pay per click ads. But how do you know if you are? Consult your in-house social media expert to find out more.

Of course, if you have to ask why PPC ad spending increased, then you need social media experts who report right away. Marketing budgets should stay consistent, based on the necessary ad spend and your projected cost per acquisition.

Some PPC ads cost more, but a good marketing team justifies why the higher cost is necessary. Your average costs vary by platform, but spending more isn’t a bad thing. You need experts who can justify a higher price per acquisition, especially since it’s your marketing budget at stake.

Depending on your preferred social media platform(s), you’ll end up investing more or less. Google AdWords tend to run higher because of its higher clickthrough and conversion rates. Other platforms are more cost-effective (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), but offer lower returns.

Beware social media experts who claim that boosting posts is a good tactic. It’s not. Instead, focus on a social media marketing agency that knows the value of well-crafted ad campaigns.

Why You Need Social Media Experts Like Us

At Drive Social now, we get it. We’re not here for unreliable, overcomplicated marketing strategies. We don’t offer the smoke and mirrors of “fast results” that often produce no significant ROI. With our over 2000 partners, you’re in good hands.

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