With over 72% of US adults on social media, you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of all of your campaigns.

Since that’s the case, you probably need to take another look at your current campaign strategy to make sure it is up-to-date. With all of the constant changes that social media brings to the table, you need to also change your campaign to retarget.

Retargeting means that you will be reaching more people who are already on their way to becoming a loyal customer instead of targeting random people that may not be interested. They’ve already spent time on your website or page and have some type of interest.

Still not convinced to put in the work for social media retargeting? Keep reading to learn about six reasons why you need a retargeting campaign right now!

1. Generate More Awareness for Your Brand

Choosing to generate more awareness tends to be a precursor to the more heavy-duty social media retargeting strategies. But first, you need to bring awareness to potential customers about who you are and what your brand stands for.

For this type of campaign, you would track metrics like impressions and engagement (likes and comments).

Although these targeted people may not click through and purchase something, they are subconsciously becoming aware of your brand. From here, you can start to retarget through more advanced campaigns on social media.

2. Drive Conversions

Your current social media campaign may be generating awareness for your brand, but is it driving the conversions that you want to see? If not, you need a retargeting campaign that will do that for you.

First, what are conversions? It means that someone who sees your ad actually clicks on it. So the reach metric turns into a conversion metric.

These types of ads typically lead people to landing pages where they will sign up for something, like your website email. To convince them to do so, you’ll need something enticing like a free e-book or a coupon to your store.

Sometimes, these ads can be optimized to solely reach your previous lists to generate more leads. From here, they’ll give you more information or do something more than just being on a “list.”

3. Convince Customers to Take the Next Step

Let’s say that one of your previous ads has led to a conversion of someone on one of your lists. They clicked the ad and signed up for your free e-book. Now what?

It’s great that you have received more information since they wanted a free product, but the end goal is probably to make money. So how can you do that by giving them something for free?

Follow-up! Send them an email after they receive the e-book (and have tried it out) to sign up for a free trial of one of your courses! Odds are, they’ll want more than just the free trial after trying it out and will complete the cycle by buying the entire course.

Boom. You’ve made the money you wanted to make by using a social media retargeting campaign.

4. Use a Retargeting Campaign to Introduce New Products

Once you have access to previous customers who have visited your site, you can easily email them to introduce some of your newest products. You’re aware that they have had some sort of previous interest in your company, so continuing to target them with new products is a great way to generate more sales.

Lead these previous customers back to your website through the ads. This will hopefully lead them to make a purchase!

5. Reduce Cart Abandonment

How many times have you personally gone to a website, added things to your cart, and then decided to navigate away from the page? Probably a lot. Well, odds are, the same thing is happening to your own website and company!

So how can you change that? Retarget! By creating retargeting campaigns on social media, you can remind these people who have navigated away from their carts to go back and finalize the purchase! Some incentives you can offer would be a coupon, free shipping, or a free gift if the purchase is made in the next few hours.

6. Consider A/B Testing to Maximize Your Retargeting Strategy Outcomes

A/B Testing is pretty much what it sounds like. You test one part of your marketing strategy A, while also testing marketing strategy B. But with that said, you are only testing one small part of the marketing strategy.

Why do this? Because you’ll better understand how to navigate your retargeting strategy!

For instance, if you are sending an email, you could test out which subject lines do the best and lead to the most conversions.

You may decide your subject line A says something like: Ooo, a surprise inside! And subject line B says: Quick! This won’t last long!

Once you send the email, you can keep tabs on which one is opened the most, which generates clicks, and which one leads to actual purchases.

By analyzing the results of the A/B Testing, you will familiarize yourself with what types of subject lines your audience responds best to.

Time to Get to Work With Your Social Media Retargeting

Are you ready to take the next steps with your business to generate more leads and conversions? Sitting back and watching your old targeting campaigns is not going to get you the results you want to see.

If that seems daunting to do on your own, contact us to help you grow your business!