9 Tips for Making the Most of All Your Instagram Story Views

Are you looking to strengthen your social media presence? Are you searching for ways to increase your number of Instagram followers?

Next to Facebook, Instagram has the most number of active users at 1 billion. Out of that number, about 500 million use the platform daily.

With so much potential for new leads, you need to learn how to maximize the platform’s features. One of the key features you need to master is the Instagram Stories.

You want to increase your Instagram Story views and make the most out of them.

But how do you do it? What are the essential elements that will help you attract more views? How do you use these views to your advantage?

Continue reading below to find out the answers.

Instagram Story Views: How Do They Work

Regardless if you’re looking to hire a social media marketing professional or not, you need to understand what Instagram Stories are.

Let us first revisit how Instagram Stories work. It is a feature on Instagram that allows you to post videos and images using a slideshow format.

It also offers versatility. You can modify the Instagram Stories using the different features of the platform. Interestingly, Instagram Stories draws similarities with Snapchat’s “My Story” feature.

Like My Story, Instagram Stories have 24-hour availability upon posting. You can also use stickers and filters.

Valuable Tips to Follow

If you wish to tap the potential of Instagram Story views, you need to learn how to use it the right way. Statistics reveal that one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories comes from businesses. This means one out of three Instagram users views posts by entrepreneurs.

To increase the views of your posts, you need to ensure that your Instagram Stories are engaging. Let’s take a look at nine valuable tips that will help you do so.

Stick to Your Native Camera

Since you are using your smartphone to take pictures and videos, stick to your native camera instead of the one that comes with Instagram. This is because Instagram’s built-in camera offers a lower resolution. It also comes with fewer editing options compared to your native camera.

When promoting products on Instagram, the quality of your images is paramount. Thus, if you have the budget, don’t hesitate to use a DSLR camera. Apart from the quality, a DSLR camera does not apply compression.

Moreover, you can opt for manual control when taking cinematic shots.

Create Different Content Types

To make your Instagram Stories more effective, you need to come up with different types of content. The three main options are photos, videos, and Boomerangs. You can play around the three by combining and alternating them.

Another option is to use your Instagram Stories to share your regular posts. Choose your best videos and photos and post them in your Stories.

For starters, try everything out. See which of your posts received the most number of engagements. From there, you can go for the ones that work best. Make sure that your posts tell a story.

Additionally, create an editorial calendar. This will serve as your guide for scheduling your posts.

Stickers Count

As we mentioned earlier, you can use Instagram’s different features on your Stories. One feature you should use is the stickers.

There is the Question Sticker. This lets your followers ask you questions concerning your product.


Another is the Countdown Sticker. This tells followers how much time left before you launch a product or announce a contest.

There is also the Emoji Slider. This is similar to the Question Sticker. But this time around, it is you who will ask the questions.

Launch Limited Offers

You should also use your Instagram Stories to launch limited offers. The offers can be a giveaway or a huge sale.

Limited offers tend to excite consumers. Special promotions also help create buzz for your brand.

Highlight the Finest

Use the “Highlights’’ section to showcase some of your best stories. This feature lets you save a story of your choice and keep it permanently. This way, your current and future followers can view them repeatedly.


When picking stories for the Highlights section, make sure they are fun, exciting, and relevant.

Live Sessions Help

You should also make time to conduct a weekly live session. This allows you to receive and accept requests from people who wish to view your live streaming.

Moreover, you will see if there are people outside your current followers who also want to watch your streaming. Simply tap the View button to accept their request.

Add Hashtags and Locations

Small as they may be, hashtags contribute massively to your Instagram marketing strategies. Using hashtags will help you reach more people. It will also increase your brand exposure.

Incorporate hashtags in all your Instagram Stories. But use only a maximum of two per post. Moreover, make sure to choose the right hashtags.

Start with popular hashtags.

Additionally, make sure to include location tags. This is crucial if you are running a local business. This will help you target the right market using your Stories.

Some consumers type specific locations on the search box when looking for posts.

Consistency is Key

Just like in any of your other social media posts, make sure to practice consistency when it comes to your branding. When posting Stories, consider the likes and preferences of your existing followers. Make sure you align your content with these two.

Consistency will help eliminate confusion among your followers. It will also strengthen your brand recall.

Analytics Matter

Last but not least, you need to track and measure the performance of your Instagram Stories. Some of the key metrics you need to consider are the exits, impressions, and completion rate.

The good thing about Instagram Stories analytics is you can analyze up to three months’ worth of data. Analytics will help you make the necessary adjustments and improve on your weaknesses.

Improve Your Digital Marketing, Today!

Understanding the dynamics of your Instagram Story views will help you maximize your Instagram account. But branching out to other platforms must also be part of your plans.

If your plate is already full, we can help you out with your digital marketing strategies. Connect with us and tell us what you need. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services that help businesses take their brand to the next level.