Nearly 99% of the top one million globally ranked websites don’t accommodate disabilities. When it comes to accessibility, accommodations are often straightforward to implement. And the best companies accommodate every kind of user to ensure the best experience possible.

With this in mind, we at Drive Social Media are ready to take action. We’re excited to let you know that we’ve partnered with accessiBe, the leading fully automated web compliance solution for ADA accessibility. Learn more about this partnership and how it benefits your business in the long run with the article below.

Why Are ADA Websites So Important In the First Place?

We at Drive Social Media believe inclusion and diversity are paramount. Web accessibility should be universal, but right now, most websites (very likely yours) aren’t accessible to all. By partnering with accessiBe, we now have an AI-powered solution to make your website accessible to people with disabilities.

This is about more than and protecting you from ADA lawsuits. With the ADA successfully passing legislation recognizing websites as public space, it’s only time before everyone converts to inclusive websites. This legislation is only one of many steps to accommodate persons with disabilities.

We understand that excluding people based on disability or race is wrong. It’s also bad business. Without accessibility, you’re possibly excluding millions of potential customers.

It’s more than a moral or business imperative to serve the 26% of Americans living with disabilities online. It’s the law because it’s fundamentally wrong to ignore people’s basic needs.

To protect our clients from potential litigation and enable them to do business with a previously untapped client base, we have partnered with accessiBe. We at Drive Social Media are proud to be proactive and bring you tools to empower you and your customers.

Explore the Benefits of ADA Accessibility With accessiBe

Moral decency and legal defense aside, prioritizing accessibility also benefits the user experience for site visitors. These benefits may not be the sole reason for upgrading your site’s compliance, but they’ll certainly convince any leaders resistant to making changes. Learn more about these benefits below.

SEO Improvements

As you know, SEO is all about visibility and increasing recognition online. But you might not know how inclusive websites benefit your SEO strategy. More accessibility options generate higher organic traffic on your site.

More traffic means more prospects, conversions, and closed leads. With higher site traffic, your business will naturally grow in recognition. Customers will also respect an inclusive website more than an exclusive competitor site.

And, for Google’s algorithms and bots, ADA websites receive a higher search rank. The time users spend on your site will increase, and they’ll also experience a lower bounce rate. Both of these are great factors for increasing search rank.

Enhanced User Experience

Building websites with ADA compliance in mind elevates the design of any website. Not only does it fall under compliance, but it also expands your reach. Compliant sites are more legible and offer audio or caption features inaccessible sites lack.

Having an accessible website also opens you up to a whole new demographic that comprises millions in the United States alone. It’d be reasonable to assume that you’d have a higher revenue potential, too. You can use these things to convince investors, leaders, and board members about the benefits of ADA websites.

Stand Out From Competitors

Another bonus for ADA accessibility is standing out from competitors. Other websites within your industry likely haven’t optimized for accessibility. And including compliant features for every user is a great way to differentiate your website.

And if you’re concerned with public opinion, this is the good kind of standing out for your business. With PR’s importance today, PR about diversity and inclusion are often well-received in current times.

How to Include ADA Compliance On Your Website

We partnered with accessiBe to make ADA accessibility even easier. This partnership means we can offer you compliance solutions for any website you design with us. Even if it means upgrading old sites to become compliant, we can help.

Using artificial intelligence, accessiBe scans your site to evaluate its compliance. In just a few minutes, you can install accessiBe. Copy and paste a single line of code onto your site, and you’ll see the appropriate interface.

The AI then analyzes your site and applies the necessary adjustments for WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliance. Nearly a third of corrections are made immediately. These changes include sizing, colors, and spacing across web pages.

You’ll see other major changes occur in just two more days. These changes optimize your site for screen readers and keyboard navigation. The following day, the AI scans for any new or revised content in need of adjustment.

Most importantly, your website design will not change. That’s right. Your codebase, user interface, and performance will only benefit from accessiBe’s AI.

Another bonus is our partner’s respect for privacy. Some interfaces collect user data, but accessiBe’s interface doesn’t impact your GDPR compliance at all.

Work With Drive Social Now to Build Better, Inclusive Websites

Now you know the value of ADA accessibility, you’re ready to upgrade your website and more. Drive Social Now is all about bringing your brand ahead of the curve. Working alongside accessiBe, we have the solution to grow your business’s accommodations.

Book a meeting today to bring your website out of the past and into the future. Compliance isn’t optional; it’s a necessity. Show your clients you care about their needs today.