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All the World’s a Game & We Are Merely Players

Facebook ads campaign leads to an increase of more than $500,000 in gaming machine revenue!

st clair bowl

Our Strategy is No Game of Chance

Bowling alleys – they’re not just for rolling balls anymore.


We’ve been working with our friends at St. Clair and Bel-Air Bowl for close to a year now, promoting everything from league nights to special events – but we’re sure you’re tired of hearing people drone on about bowling alleys (No? We must run in different circles then.) Instead of talking about gutter balls, turkeys and 7-10 splits, let’s focus on games of the electronic variety.


Gambling machines, like video poker and slots, are all the rage in the vicinity of this partner of ours. The amount of dollars their machines see on a monthly basis are…impressive, to say the least. But that didn’t stop this bowling business from wanting more – and why not? If you have something that the people clearly want, why not make it even more accessible? That’s a sure way to bring in more revenue.


So they reached out to DSM for a Facebook ad campaign to raise the awareness of their electronic gaming machines even further. We weren’t trying to sell, we weren’t trying to educate, we weren’t trying to gather email addresses, we were just raising awareness.

st clair bowl

Go All-In for Best Results

To date, St. Clair has pumped $490.20 into this gaming campaign, ensuring their message is seen by as many enthusiastic video gamblers as possible within their buying zone. Naturally, when more money is thrown behind any campaign, it is seen by more people – and the sky is the limit. As soon as our favorite bowling bunch tells us they’d like to double their current results, we’ll ask them to double their ad spend. It’s as simple as that!

st clair bowl

Well, When Your Audience is an Ace in the Hole…

Despite what the wild popularity of Vegas tells you, not everyone cares about gambling. This is something we kept in mind when putting together the perfect audience for St. Clair and Bel-Air. We didn’t just go after those people who were already familiar with the centers, we reached just outside of their typical radius to pull in every weekend wager-er around.

We’re Not Bluffing

After running our campaigns for about 10 months, we took a peek back at their gaming machine numbers for June and July of 2015, and compared them to June and July of 2016. What we were looking for is what type of increase of dollars-in they may or may not have seen. We ultimately wanted to know – were our gambling awareness ads working?


The short answer: YES. They were working really, really well.

st clair bowl

Look Who’s the Chip Leader Now!

That’s an increase of $362, 636.45 inserted into their machines in June, and an increase of $142,897.05 in July. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that ROI!