Radiance Float + Wellness

Exceeding Customer Acquisition Goals with Facebook and Instagram Ads


Radiance Float + Wellness drastically surpassed our crawl phase goal, bringing one new customer, with a 4.34x return on investment and 40 new customers within the first 50 days. With Drive’s assistance, Radiance Float + Wellness’s revenue increased 123% from the same time period in the previous year.


Return On Ad Spend




Return On Investment


Health and Wellness

Radiance Float + Wellness is a family owned and operated all-inclusive wellness center located in Brentwood, Missouri. The father-daughter team, Dr. Zinia Thomas and Dr. V.J. Thomas, created a spa-like environment that caters to holistic preventative and recovery treatments. Their extensive list of over 20 treatments leaves the customer completely relaxed, from float therapy to therapeutic IVs.


Attract New Customers and Increase Brand Awareness

At our initial meeting in December of 2018, Radiance Float + Wellness determined that they wanted to increase the amount of new customers walking through the front door, ultimately increasing their monthly revenue. As a relatively new business (just over 1 year) Radiance Float + Wellness wanted to increase not only brand awareness for their brand, but for the biohack solutions they provide as well.


Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

We created Facebook and Instagram ads that promoted Radiance’s true value, from physician-led treatments to cutting-edge technology. After analyzing their data, we discovered their top-selling treatments and utilized A / B split testing to determine which services received the most traction with various audiences.

Their strategy included five different campaigns using the following products: dynamic creative (tests five photos, statuses, and headlines to see what type of creative individuals prefer), Facebook Lead Cards (reduces customer friction associated with an automated “sign up” form), and static images.


We Don't Crawl, We Run!

In the crawl phase (first 90 days), Radiance’s ads went through Facebook’s mandatory learning phase which gathers information on audience interaction and messaging. During this time, our goal is to show proof of concept by bringing one new customer to a client through Facebook ads. Radiance flew past the crawl phase with a 4.34x ROI and 88 purchases.


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Static Ads

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Dynamic Creative Ads

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Lead Cards

Lead Generation Ads

Custom AI Audiences

“Our experience with Drive so far has been fantastic! We have gone through a few multimedia marketing firms before, but every single one promised us results and showed us nothing. Drive has not only given realistic goals for what to expect as the program goes on, but over delivered on their promise. Just starting out when we were in the proof of concept phase or "crawl" phase of the program we are showing a [4.34] times ROI in the first 3 months! Their program Marketing Milk makes tracking progress and results so easy, which was like pulling teeth with the previous companies. I can't see anything but up for our business working with Drive.”

- Jordan Soaib, Radiance Float + Wellness

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