Lights are hung, gift displays are set, and Christmas cheer is hypnotizing brick and mortar retail shoppers. You’ve also already seen your promotional emails and social media content shift into holiday mode, and digital branding will only become increasingly important for capitalizing on December consumer spending. According to Crowdtap surveys, 2/3 of holiday shoppers report finding gifts through social media, and almost 1/2 discover holiday deals through peer sharing via social media platforms. These are hugely important statistics. Social media generates SALES.

(Source: Crowdtap) Full Infographic:

Using ads manager to reach targeted Facebook fans is critically important to your holiday digital branding strategy. This doesn’t apply exclusively to e-commerce stores as almost 2/3 of shoppers report social media influences their brick and mortar purchases. Depending on your brand positioning, utilize discount offers, customer reviews, and sweepstakes to both directly influence purchases and acquire fans for year-round promotions. Even if you consider yourself “just a local business,” please, utilize social media to ensure you get your slice of the holiday pie.