When you search your business on Google, what comes up? Chances are, you’ll see a knowledge graph on the right hand side with information that may or may not be correct. You’ll also probably find your website address followed by review-based platforms, such as Yelp or Tripadvisor. Bottom line, you’re likely not finding the content you want your consumers to see.

But what if you could guarantee your businesses’ presence in the Search Engine Results Page (also known as the SERP) in a way that gives potential consumers the information they are looking for? With Google’s new experimental feature, we’ll call them Cards, you may be able to do just that!

As a business owner, the only similar tool at our disposal is Google My Business, and that can get frustrating. It also doesn’t allow you to really give the consumer interesting and beneficial information. With Google cards, businesses will be able to create their own content guaranteed to show up in the brand’s search results. Not only will you be able to update and optimize this content regularly, it can easily be shared to any platform. (There will be a share button on the card so that users won’t have to leave the SERP to instantly share your content.) The content you put out can come in many forms-text, images, videos, even gifs-imagine the possibilities! This will not only invigorate the user experience, but also give your business a unique and competitive edge.

Put yourself in the shoes of a local restaurant owner. Do you have an event or special coming up? Do you want to highlight a chef or call attention to your use of local, fresh ingredients? How about informing consumers of your exciting new menu roll-out or a second location opening? Google cards will enable you to create posts including pictures, videos, and/or links with this information and serve it to consumers on a silver platter. All consumers have to do is search for the business on Google and the cards will appear above the fold. They will then have the opportunity to scroll through each card to read, watch, click, and share. How cool is that?!

This impressive new feature is still in the experimental phase, which means it is only available to a few organizations, but we have high hopes that it will soon roll out nationwide to a variety of businesses. However, if you’re like us and geek out when new tech is available you can join the waitlist to become a user of this new feature!

We can’t wait for the opportunity to see what these cards can do for our clients, and will of course be back here to share what we’ve learned!