Join us as Drive Social Media reviews a little trip to Imagination Land: Pretend there’s a guy named Jake, owner of the one-of-a-kind “Subs & Screens” sandwich shop, poured his heart into crafting the perfect menu. Killer pastrami piled high, fresh-baked gamer-themed cookies… it should be a slam dunk.

Yet, despite the rave reviews, most nights, the vintage arcade cabinets sit empty, and even his Tuesday night trivia is a bust. “I’ve got awesome food, a unique space,” Jake sighs, staring out at the bustling street, “…but how do I get people to even know I’m here? How do I attract more customers to my restaurant?”

The concept of Subs & Screens is unique within itself; order a sandwich, watch your favorite soccer team, and/or pick out your favorite retro video game with a meatball sub in hand…but Jake is still falling flat.

He’s heard buzzwords like “organic video” and “paid ads,” but it’s all a confusing jumble. If only there was a way to cut through the noise and fill those booths…

Little does Jake know, experts at Drive Social Media understand exactly how to help him pack the house.

Organic: Your Daily Special

Picture this: It’s lunchtime, and you’re scrolling through your social media feed. Suddenly, a video pops up from Subs & Screens. It’s not a slick ad, just a quick clip of their chef playfully showing off how they layer their signature Italian sub, fresh mozzarella practically dripping off the screen. Below, a few enthusiastic comments from regulars raving about the crispy bread. That’s the power of organic video.

What is it?

Organic videos are any videos you post to your own social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) without paying to promote them.

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The Benefits

  • Builds Trust: Behind-the-scenes glimpses, staff introductions, even funny outtakes humanize your brand
  • Community Connection: Respond to comments, share customer videos – this is long-term relationship building
  • It’s Free (Mostly): You might invest in simple equipment, but the main cost is your time.
  • Drawbacks: Organic growth is slow. You’re playing the numbers game, hoping for shares and reach.

Jake’s Organic Strategy:

Jake doesn’t need a Hollywood production crew. He could:

  • Weekly “Sandwich of the Day” videos: Short, fun spotlights to showcase his creations.
  • “Meet the Team” series: Quick intros boost that personal feel.
  • Reshare Positive Reviews: Those glowing customer videos are marketing gold! (Always get permission first)
  • Key Takeaway: Think of organic as Jake’s daily special – consistent, reliable, and a great way to tempt those already following Subs & Screens.

Viral: The Surprise Bestseller

Imagine Jake walks into Subs & Screens one Tuesday morning to find a line out the door. Turns out, a customer’s TikTok of their friend attempting the “Mega Meatball Challenge” went viral overnight. The place is slammed for weeks, and suddenly Jake’s got a waitlist. That’s the potential of a viral video – a massive, unexpected boost in visibility.

What is it?

Viral videos spread rapidly through social media shares, gaining huge audiences organically. They’re often funny, surprising, or emotionally resonant.

The Benefits

  • Explosive Exposure: Reach thousands, even millions, beyond your usual followers, potentially attracting new customers to the area.
  • Buzz Factor: People talk about viral content, giving your brand major (and free) word-of-mouth marketing.
  • …The BIG Caveat: Virality is unpredictable. It’s lightning in a bottle, impossible to manufacture consistently. Trying too hard can backfire badly – overly staged attempts often become the object of online mockery instead of shares.

Can Jake Go Viral?

It’s possible, but not something to bank on. However, he could:

  • Encourage Customer Content: A sign inviting “TikTok your Subs & Screens experience” can lead to unexpected gems.
  • Jump on Trends: Harmless challenges related to food or gaming could get his regulars involved (with a potential prize as incentive)
  • The Element of Surprise: A staff flash mob, a ridiculously oversized sandwich…the quirkier, the better the chance of getting shared.
  • Key Takeaway: Viral hits are the lottery win of marketing – awesome if they happen, but they can’t be your full meal plan.
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Paid Social: Bringing in Hungry Customers

So, Jake’s got some organic videos going, maybe even a small viral moment or two. But those random bursts of interest don’t always translate to paying customers right when he needs them.

Jake knows targeted ads are the key to not just attracting eyeballs but turning viewers into paying customers. They help answer that critical question: ‘How do I get more orders for my restaurant?'”

That’s where paid video ads step in.

What is it?

Paying platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even search engines like Google to promote your videos to a wider audience you select.

  • Targeting is key. Unlike hoping for organic reach, paid ads let you get specific:
    • Location: Jake targets a 5-mile radius of Subs & Screens – no wasting views on folks too far away.
    • Interests: “Soccer fans,” “gamers,” people liking similar restaurants – he’s ads go to those most likely to be interested.
    • Retargeting: Show ads to people who’ve visited his website, bringing back those who were browsing but didn’t commit.
    • Data-Driven Results: Unlike viral chaos, paid ads give trackable metrics – how many views, who clicked through to his website, etc.

Drive Social Media’s Paid Advantage

This is where agencies like Drive Social Media excel. We don’t just make pretty videos; we use your data to hone in on the hungriest audience:

  • Eye-catching Visuals: Mouthwatering close-ups of the food are essential for a restaurant.
  • Compelling Copy: A short, snappy caption like “Game Day Grub Done Right!” entices clicks.
    Special Offers: Promote a “Show this ad for 10% off” deal to directly link ads to sales.

Beyond Just Ads: PPC & SEO

Paid video ads are powerful, but let’s look at the wider picture:

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click): Target keywords like “Best Italian restaurants near me” to snag those actively searching for places to eat. Drive Social Media analyzes search trends to keep your bids competitive.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizing Jake’s website to rank for “St. Louis sandwich shops” brings in organic traffic long-term.

The Perfect Recipe: A Mix of Ingredients

Jake might be thinking, “Okay, so which type of video is THE answer?” The truth is, all three have their place in a smart marketing strategy. Let’s break down how they can work together for Subs & Screens…

Building the Foundation

Consistent organic videos establish Jake’s brand personality. This creates a loyal following ready to engage.

Spicing Things Up

A viral moment, even a small one, can inject a fun energy into his online presence and attract a wave of curious newcomers.

Serving the Main Course

Targeted paid ads deliver that delicious content directly to those most likely to order – hungry locals searching for a place to eat right now.

PPC and SEO help Subs & Screens show up for searches like “best places to watch soccer in St. Louis,” capturing even more potential customers.

This Recipe Applies to All Sorts of Industries

The B2B Connection

This same strategy applies way beyond restaurants. Let’s say Drive Social Media is working with a B2B software company:

  • Organic: Thought leadership videos position them as experts, building trust over time
  • Viral: Unlikely, but a funny explainer video about their niche could take off, reaching new audiences
  • Paid: Targeting specific job titles on LinkedIn gets those decision-makers directly into the funnel.

HVAC Companies

  • Organic: Quick “DIY fix” tutorials and seasonal maintenance tips build trust.
  • Viral: Unlikely but a video of a tech rescuing a kitten while on a call has feel-good potential.
  • Paid: Ads targeting homeowners in their service area during heatwaves or cold snaps.

Law Firms

  • Organic: Explainer videos on common legal issues position them as knowledgeable.
  • Viral: Less likely here, but depends on their field, a playful trend-related video could work.
  • Paid: Targeted based on demographics likely needing their services (injury lawyers, estate planning, etc.)

E-commerce Stores

  • Organic: Product demos, unboxing videos – let people visualize the item
  • Viral: Influencer collaborations or user-generated content with a unique theme
  • Paid: Retargeting shoppers who abandoned their cart, and using lookalike audiences to find similar customers.

Whether you’re asking yourself, “How do I increase traffic to my restaurant?”, “How do I get more leads for my law firm?”, or “How can I attract more homeowners for my HVAC business?” the strategic use of video can transform your marketing.

The team at Drive Social Media understands that each business has unique needs and goals. That’s why we offer a free consultation to discuss your industry, target audience, and the digital marketing strategies – including organic, viral, and paid video – that will yield the best results.

Ready to see how we can take your business to the next level? Contact Drive Social Media today to book your free meeting and start cooking up success!