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RSVP for the first annual Drive Social Media Teddy Bear Toss benefiting Shriners Children’s Hospital.

Don’t forget to bring 2 teddy bears as a donation, and enjoy free beer for an hour!

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Our Mission

To bring a minimum three times return on investment to every single partner, by any means necessary.

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Meet The Team

Great results begin with great employees. Our team possesses a wide depth of expertise across the digital marketing spectrum and can collectively achieve literally any marketing goal that your business requires.

Local Business Listing Tool

Even a single inaccurate listing can derail your website’s search value. Is your company information consistent across ALL platforms?

Use our Business Listing Tool to instantly identify inconsistencies across Google, Facebook, Yelp — or anywhere your business information appears online.

Eliminate erroneous business listings

Inconsistent or incorrect listings can create headaches for consumers. Differing information about your contact information, hours, or location is a recipe for a frustrating user experience, and one that can push your potential customers directly in to the arms of a competitor. Additionally, search engines like Google will limit your search results as a result of false business information.

Maintaining consistency across channels can be time-consuming and tedious. Luckily, Drive Social Media is here to automate the maintenance required to sustain consistent information about your business. Our Business Listing Tool not only eliminates the substantial time commitment required to keep identical listings, it provides you peace-of-mind that your local search rankings and customer journey don’t encounter any roadblocks or hiccups created by bad listings.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Paid & Earned Media Strategies to Boost Your Business
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Do I Need a PR Agency?

Any business that has a product or service and a message (hint, hint: that’s every business) can benefit from partnering with a PR agency. The ability to meet consumers where they already are, and be a part of the conversations they’re already having enters these consumers directly into the middle stages of your funnel. The best PR agency will be able to get in front of the most eyes at the cheapest cost.

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First, our PR strategists will meet with you to learn about your brand, discover your goals, and learn about your target audience so that we can determine the most impactful landing spot for your content.

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Audience Analysis

Next, we do exhaustive research on your target audience to determine where they’re spending their time, what kind of content they’re consuming, and what their top pain points are. We will develop content that specifically address the problems that your product or service offers.

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Relationships Building

We get to work and begin establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with decision makers at the publications and media outlets in your industry. We only focus on the outlets that get attention from potential consumers that are in or near-market for your product, so your PR strategy is only focused on your target market.

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Bridging the Gap

We facilitate the relationship between your brand and the media outlets that are most impactful for your business to create compelling content that achieves your PR strategy. This content is designed to bring value to your audience, position you as an authority, drive consumers to your website, and ultimately, purchase from your business.

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Track, Evaluate, Improve

We will analyze the behavior of those that interact with your content and track those that subsequently purchase from your business, so that you can scale your PR efforts in to a clear ROI.

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Services Web (Landing Page)

Grow Your Business

Our experts will create beautiful websites that will set you apart from the competition and increase sales for your business.

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Maximize User Experience

Above all else, your website is designed to convert your customers in to sales. Your website’s visitors will be guided towards the one specific action you want them to take.

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Speed = Revenue

Conversions are directly related to load times. We guarantee faster page speeds than 77% of all mobile websites. Faster page speed means higher SEO value, higher visibility, more visitors, more time on site, and, most importantly, more sales.

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Uptime & Security

Every website we build comes with an SSL certificate and daily backups. You can focus on running your business instead of worrying about crashes or downtime.

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Website Audit Tool

Is your website costing you customers? Run a free website audit to find out how much money you're leaving on the table.

Use Marketing Milk’s website evaluation tool to run a complementary website audit to see an all-encompassing health score for your website.

Website SEO Audit

The appearance, navigation, functionality, and speed of your website are directly related to your revenue. Slow, unattractive, or poorly built websites will not only damage your ability to be found in a Google search, they push the potential customers that do find your page directly into the arms of a competitor.

Our free Website Auditing Tool from Marketing Milk will provide granular insights into the good, the bad, and the ugly of your website. It will analyze everything from code and script errors to content issues to SEO value.

Marketing Milk’s Website Audit Tool provides you the information you need to turn your website in to a high-converting digital salesperson so you can start turning your visitors into dollars and cents in your bank.

Services Paid Social (Landing Page)

Drive More Customers, More Sales, & More Revenue






Client Revenue Driven in 2018

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Maximize Your ROI

We use real information about your customers to create custom campaigns that are optimized for sales to achieve a maximum return on your investment.


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Targeting Backed By Data

Drive uses actual customer data to guide targeting decisions so your valuable ad budget is never wasted on people who aren’t potential customers.


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Attracting New Customers

Our data scientists use real data to create a dynamic content strategy that brings you more new customers and more revenue.


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Increase Current Customer Spend

We dive into your data to determine what makes your current customers purchase more often and spend more money with you.


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Increase Customer Frequency

We will create a content strategy aimed at increasing your repeat customers and growing your business.


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Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, we will launch thousands of creative combinations of ads. This allows us to actively optimize what works and stop what doesn’t, ensuring that your ad dollars are spent on campaigns that convert at the lowest cost.


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Upfront ROI Tracking

Through our custom analytics dashboard, you can easily track your campaign performance based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you care about.


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Future-proof, Guaranteed

The digital landscape changes daily, and you need a partner who knows what’s coming and has the strategy and technology in place to ensure you are always ahead of the curve, and out-running your competition. Regardless of changes in the industry, your prices will never increase.


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