The Rice House

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Culinary Innovation and Digital Marketing: The Rice House’s Journey with Drive Social Media

The Rice House, nestled in Florissant, Missouri, and led by the ambitious chef and owner, has been a cornerstone for delicious Chinese food since its opening in April 2011. Striving to share their culinary delights with the world, The Rice House embarked on a pioneering digital marketing adventure with Drive Social Media in early 2021, marking a significant shift from traditional marketing methods to innovative, risk-taking strategies.

Embracing Digital Marketing Innovations

Before partnering with Drive, The Rice House measured success through traditional means, such as counting coupon redemptions—a method many small, family-owned establishments still rely on. The decision to collaborate with Drive Social Media was driven by a desire to break the mold and venture into marketing strategies unexplored by others in the industry, despite skepticism from peers.

Creative Collaboration and Impactful Advertising

The partnership’s cornerstone has been the exceptional work of Drive’s creative department, producing high-quality commercials and digital photography that revolutionized The Rice House’s online presence. These efforts have not only enhanced their brand image but have also intrigued and attracted customers who are now eager to experience what The Rice House offers. This shift to professional-grade advertising materials has allowed The Rice House to stand out in a crowded market, showcasing their offerings in a new, engaging light.

Measuring Success Through Advanced Analytics

A crucial aspect of this partnership has been the ability to measure and understand the return on investment (ROI) with precision, thanks to Drive Social Media’s innovative software, Marketing Milk. This tool has provided The Rice House with clear insights into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, enabling data-driven decisions to refine and optimize their advertising efforts further.

Future Aspirations: Dominating the Market

Looking ahead, The Rice House’s primary goal is to leverage Drive’s expertise to capture a larger market share and establish itself as the premier destination for Chinese cuisine. This ambition is fueled by the early successes and measurable results achieved through their partnership with Drive Social Media.

Spreading the Word: Referrals and Recommendations

The impact of Drive Social Media’s work with The Rice House has been so profound that it has led to personal referrals, with the owner recommending Drive to business partners looking to gain a competitive edge and improve their market presence.


The collaboration between The Rice House and Drive Social Media exemplifies how traditional businesses can embrace digital marketing to revolutionize their brand presence, attract a broader audience, and set new industry standards. Through creative advertising, strategic risk-taking, and data-driven decision-making, The Rice House is well on its way to becoming the leading name in Chinese cuisine, not just in Missouri but beyond.