Top 5 reasons this sign is better than your Social marketing

Social marketing is not an easy thing to do, but if done correctly it will open up a new channel for your business to reach its customers.  If your business does not have a dedicated team working on your social media, your efforts will fall short.  (Trust us, we have seen it 1,000 times.)

Do you think this sign can stand up to your social efforts? While its marketing efforts may seem somewhat dated, it probably does a better job at bringing in new business and let me tell you why.

1. Targeting

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This sign is targeting the exact prospective customer. It is shown to the exact audience- people within an arm’s reach. It doesn’t waste time on people too far away to care, or not hungry enough to come in at that exact moment.

If your social efforts aren’t sending your content to the right people at the right time, the sign is up 1-0.

2. Time Segmentation

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This sign is only up in a five hour window- during lunch hours and happy hour. If you want this deal, you better come in now, eliciting that ever-so-important sense of urgency.

When your posts go out, are they time segmented? When is someone seeing your post? Lunch time? After dinner? 3 AM?  If your post is not time segmented, how do you know if you are hitting your potential customer a time that will elicit immediate action?

If you can’t prove you are; Sign 2, Your Social Media Marketing 0.

3. Real Value

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All you can eat sushi. BOGO. Happy Hour BOGO. Straight to the point. No fluff, no #mondaymotivation fake hashtags,  just right down to a deliverable value for the customer.

If your posts fail to give a real tangible value, you are paying your social media marketer to create noise, not results. In 2017, do you think we need more noise on social media or would you rather give (the right) people a real reason for them to purchase from you?

If you don’t provide a value to your potential customers, Sign 3 – Your Social Media Marketing 0.

4. The audience is ready to purchase NOW

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Anyone who walks by this sign has the potential to come in and eat at the restaurant. The sign is shown to the exact person when they are in-market and ready to make a lunch decision.

If you are posting to get people to come in, how do you know they are ready to buy from you? If you are not targeting people that are in-market to buy or near-market to buy, your message is falling on deaf ears. Sign 4- Your efforts 0.

5. This sign shows its work

 | Drive Social Media

After this sign puts the work in, the business owner has tangible results that it can measure to see if they have had an increase in business. Have they had more purchases for all you can eat sushi? Have they had more BOGO purchases? Tangible results that the owner can measure.

Can you measure the results of your campaigns? How many conversions did your campaign drive? If your social media marketer is still gauging success on likes, comments and shares, the sign is the automatic winner. It is not 2013, and your social media marketer should know that monitoring your campaigns should be based off of actual dollar in and dollar out return, not fluffy social metrics.  

How did your business do? If you are looking at your social strategy and you see that it is falling short of what this simple sign can do, it may be time to rethink your strategy altogether.

If you are interested in learning more about how your business can track an exact DOLLAR IN, DOLLAR OUT return on your social media efforts, let’s chat!