Drive Social Media Reviews Being Unapologetically Authentic With First Barstool CEO Erika Ayers

Drive Social Media St Louis hosts the one and only Erika Ayers. The first Barstool Sports CEO reviews success and how being authentic helps brands. Filmed at an annual event where teams at Drive Social Media review and expand upon what it means serve businesses as social media marketers.

Aside of Barstool CEO Erika is the author of ‘Nobody Cares About Your Career.’ She’s been named “Most Powerful Woman in Sports” and “Most Creative People in Business.”

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Drive Social Media is a digital marketing agency who’s mission is to bring a minimum three times return on investment to every partner, by any means necessary. Drive Social Media St Louis MO hosts a workshop week for Drive Social Media Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Nashville, and Dallas each year that’s packed with amazing guest speakers like Erika.

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