Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

In this transformative video, Josh Sample, CEO of Drive Social Media dives into the essence of personal growth by mastering the art of being comfortable with discomfort, especially in public speaking. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker facing new challenges or a beginner looking to improve, this guide offers invaluable insights into overcoming fears and embracing opportunities for growth.

🔹 Key Highlights:

Embracing Discomfort: Learn why stepping out of your comfort zone is crucial for personal development and how it can dramatically improve your public speaking skills.
Utilizing Bumpers: Discover the strategy of using ‘bumpers’—support mechanisms and safety nets to guide you through challenging situations. Whether it’s having a skilled presenter by your side or someone to offer feedback and take over if needed, find out how to effectively use these tools to enhance your presentation skills.
Feedback & Coaching: Understand the importance of recording your presentations for feedback and how this practice can lead to significant improvements in your delivery and confidence.
The Deep End Philosophy: Get inspired to jump into the deep end with strategies to pull yourself out if things don’t go as planned, ensuring continuous growth and learning.

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