Year after year, Drive Social Media establishes itself at the forefront of the digital advertising industry by showing trackable ROI for its clients. Being the best data-based agency in St. Louis is no easy feat and luckily our friends at Small Business Monthly recognize that.

This year, Drive defended its title of reigning Digital Ad Champ by winning the St. Louis Small Business Monthly award for Best Consulting Firms for — wait for it — the third year in a row. Not many St. Louis-based agencies can say they’ve won the same award in 2017, 2018, and 2019, but Small Business Monthly still hasn’t gotten tired of recognizing us.

This trifecta of marketing trophies isn’t the only addition to our wall of fame; this year, Drive added a new category to its ever-growing roster of awards and accolades: Best Public Relations Firm. This recognition heralds in a new age of Drive as not only a data-driven digital marketing expert but as an agile agency that dominates any and every award category. Get this: 2018 was the inaugural year for our PR strategy and we already have a plaque for it.

These shiny new awards don’t just reflect our continued success, they’re also a glimmer of something greater. Winning Best Consulting Firms three years in a row indicates Drive’s devotion to consistency and stability throughout the years whereas the new recognition for Best PR Firm signals Drive’s successes across categories.

At Drive, our partners are made to understand the value behind data-driven strategies and real-time ROI tracking, which the rest of the ad industry is only just recognizing. Honors and awards are great, but the real satisfaction for us comes from knowing marketing publications recognize what we’ve been preaching for years: that vanity-based metrics aren’t real and data is the only thing that matters. For Drive to win these awards over and over means the industry is moving away from vanity metrics, towards facts, and in our favor. So if you’re into likes, comments, or shares, it’s time to nut up or shut up. The ever-expanding list of top digital agencies is survival of the fittest and Drive Social Media is shredded as ever.