Are you looking for new online marketing techniques and strategies for your business? If you haven’t heard of AI advertising, you’re missing out on a great competitive edge. Artificial intelligence or AI isn’t a new concept but it can take your advertising campaign to the next level.

This year, 2019, the global spending on AI will reach $35.8 billion, a 44% increase over 2018. One cause for this remarkable increase is the improved accessibility of AI programs. Now, medium- and small-sized businesses can use AI to enhance their marketing programs.

Below, we have a list of beneficial uses of AI in your marketing programs.

1. Better Customer Insights and Consumer Profiles

What do you think would be one of the best uses of AI in marketing? Allow us to give you a hint: it’s gathering customer data. AI-powered customer insights and profile-creation are two of the best things AI offers.

Gone are the days when you had to hire someone to analyze customers’ behavioral patterns. With AI, you can get marketing insights in an instant. An AI program can also set up customer profiles to better understand shoppers.

AI programs will use data like on-site interactions, buying behaviors, and geo-specific events. The AI algorithm will analyze the data gathered and then create customer personas. They may also use data on past communications, psychographic factors, and referral sources.

They can identify which client segments to include and exclude from campaigns. They can also create better customer-product matches fitted to each profile. Use AI to prevent promoting limited stock items to clients who are likely to return them.

2. Personalized Marketing with AI Advertising

When you’re running a business, you want to reach as many potential consumers as you want. Often, companies do this with social media. Trying to connect with 3 billion social media users around the globe is a challenging task.

Extend your influence with AI advertising. You can apply this to your social media platform, PPC advertising, website, and more. There are tons of AI marketing software that are available for these applications.

Facebook’s intelligent ads are an example of using AI marketing in PPC advertising. There are also AI programs that note customer behavior then offer products to them. Some AI marketing platforms analyzes, manages, and optimizes paid ad campaigns for you.

Personalized marketing allows customers to have meaningful experiences on your site or app. Consumer needs and expectations are always changing. Use AI to understand consumer behavior and improve the customer experience.

3. Image Recognition Gets Automated

Have you thought of using image recognition technology to trace consumer profiles? If you have an actual store, you might want to use that to match your content with their profiles online. With recent technological breakthroughs, facial recognition software is more accurate than ever now.

You may not know it but many stores use AI-powered facial recognition software. They use videos from in-store visits and link them to their online profiles. They then send customized emails with promo discounts to these customers.

Other stores combine this with AI-managed push notifications. The stores can then send real-time discounts and welcome messages to individual shoppers. This allows for amazing in-store customer experience.

You can also use facial recognition to track offline ROI from online campaigns. Like using AR in retail stores, you rely on imaging tech and intelligent computer systems. It’s one of the better uses of imaging technology for many businesses with physical stores.

4. Content Creation with AI Chatbots

For many marketers, AI marketing changes their strategies from being reactive to proactive. One of the efficient strategies using AI is with chatbots. Besides taking the role of customer support reps, they also make personalized content.

As we said before, AI is a great help in creating and targeting personalized ads for each consumer. With content creation, it uses the same basic process. This is to gather data, analyze, and then promote.

The difference is that chatbots gather data through a chatting platform. AI researches by asking each client about their preferences. From there, the AI algorithm decides which content will best fit each client.

AI chatbots are already common features of many sites. Using personalized content marketing is a great way to improve customer interactions. Sometimes, AI is also better at creating personalized content than humans.

As a note, it’s important to check and edit content created by AI. The main goal of having AI-written content is to cut down on production time. It is still early to say that artificial intelligence can make fully-functional content.

5. AI-Powered Ad Creation

Companies and agencies need Facebook’s View Ads feature to add authenticity to their name. The problem is that some ads may still not be convincing enough. An effective and good strategy is to use artificial intelligence to make these ads.

Artificial intelligence, while still imperfect, has great potential in automating the flow of our work. We mentioned that AI-created content can be better than human-created content. That’s why programmers created software that uses AI to create ads, too.

These AI programs can write the initial email subject lines for you. They can also create Facebook ads and push notifications. They use your marketing language and tone to replicate human language and tone.

Use Marketing AI for Better Results

AI advertising is one of the best innovations for marketers and business owners. It’s no surprise why big brands like Google, Netflix, and Amazon use AI in their marketing campaigns.

It would be a smart choice to incorporate AI in your marketing campaigns as well. They work on large-scale schemes continuously, making it unnecessary to hire personnel. AI also does all the work in the background, allowing you and your team to focus on other important tasks.

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