With 2.45 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the grandfather of social media.

It’s been around for over a decade and has attracted hordes of users from all over the world. Facebook truly connects the world in a way that no other human endeavor ever has.

Competition on Facebook is fierce and it can be difficult to reach customers. That’s where chatbots can help you. With thousands of stories and advertisements available every minute, you need to reach your customers before your competitors.

What Is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of program designed to interact with people. Chatbots use the Facebook messenger app. It can answer specific questions and provide suggestions via text.

Here are some of the ways a chatbot can help you reach your customers:

1. Access the Traffic on Messenger

Messages sent on Facebook number in the billions every month. That is an eye-watering figure and one that you don’t want to miss out on! Just having a post that appears on a timeline is not enough to engage a customer.

Reaching out to them via the messenger is much more likely to be successful. Customer outreach over Facebook messenger is so effective that almost all major brands and companies are using it.

2. Connecting to a Younger Audience

Facebook Messenger, like all forms of text communication, is popular amongst younger people. Using a chatbot will help you connect with those 40 and under.

Older generations prefer to use phones, televisions, and websites. They are less likely to engage with a bot on the internet.

With the youngest people today, the use of text-based and mobile messengers is only increasing. Connecting to this market can help you grow lifelong customers.

Depending on what your business sells, you may even find a great advantage in appealing to teenagers. Modern teenagers are more connected to social media than ever before. Facebook remains the most used social media platform amongst teens.

3. Click to Message Ads

Unlike traditional advertisements, Click to Message ads are far more likely to be opened by their target. Engaging with a chatbot helps to convert these people from potential customers to actual customers.

This means that every dollar you spend on your Facebook ad campaign is going to be converted more fully into revenue by using a chatbot.

Click to Message ads can be an extremely lucrative way to expand your ad campaign. It will get you out of the giant bundle of stories and ads that may pop up on someone’s timeline.

4. Sponsored Messages

If your chatbot has interacted with someone in the last 24 hours, it is free to send them a message. You can use this to your advantage by sending messages with offers and additional advertisements.

These messages will arrive via messenger just like any other message the person receives. A person is far more likely to open and read a message than they are to read an advertisement off of a wall.

5. Facebook Chatbots Can Be Linked to Your Website

There are a lot of options for chatbots on business websites. If you connect to Facebook Messenger with your website, you will have access to a lot more information.

Visitors to your website can be contacted directly and you can break the ice with your customer immediately. This will help convert them from a simple website visitor to an actual customer.

Making your customers feel engaged is key to expanding revenue.

6. Easy to Track Analytics

The effectiveness of your chatbot is easy to track. Facebook analytics can be easily interpreted and shows you exactly who is being contacted. You will have demographic and interest information about your customers available instantly.

You can also use this service to see if your chatbot is bringing in any extra customers. You can customize and tailor your messages to fit the customers that your chatbot is regularly interacting with.

7.  Older Strategies Are Less Effective Now

With the rise of interactive chatbots, the older ways of spreading your message aren’t as sound as they once were. The return on investment for things like boosting posts has diminished.

Using non-paid posts to try and grow your business is a waste of time now. You might as well throw money in the trash.

Chatbots help you target more clearly your audience and engage customers directly. Just spamming advertisements does not work because of the number of advertisements on Facebook.

Adapting to changing technologies is essential for your ad campaigns to be successful. You don’t want to do what your competitors do when you can outperform them.

Find Help With Digital Marketing and Strategy

This may all seem like a lot, and you could be wondering even how to get a chatbot. Paid social media advertising is a way to use real information to maximize the return on your advertising dollars.

If you already have a consultant or agency working on your social media and they aren’t keeping up with trends, get rid of them! Older approaches become more obsolete every day.

You need a professional team that has real understanding. We can help you understand what realistic expectations to have because of our experience and track record.

Social Media Advertising Is Here to Stay

Being able to reach your customers in ways that older television ads never could means the sky is the limit. You can get wild and creative with social media and digital advertising. The costs to reach millions and even billions of people have never been lower.

The market is saturated with businesses and agencies that will tell you they can grow your business. Check out real customers who have had success with us. By using chatbots and other social media strategies, Drive Social Media will help you engage with customers and grow your customer pool.

Ignoring social media as a form of advertisement can doom your company. Your competitors will not stop trying to use social media to get ahead of you. Contact us for a free consultation so you can get ahead and stay ahead.