Twitter has over 60 million users in the United States and over 300 million worldwide. Of those, 40% of them use the platform every day.

Twitter advertising is a way to reach this large pool of potential customers. Most of the users on Twitter are between the ages of 24 and 65.

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Twitter has taken great strides in cleaning up fake and unused users as well. You can be confident that most users of Twitter are real people.

In this article, we’ll explore all the different ways that Twitter advertising can help grow your business and increase profits.

Twitter Advertising and You

If you’re having trouble deciding where to put the bulk of your advertising dollars and time, Twitter is a great option. Make sure your campaign is custom and optimized for sales.

Here are 9 ways that Twitter advertising can help your business grow.

1. Twitter Is Popular Amongst the 35-65 Crowd

Most purchases are made by those in their mid-twenties to mid-sixties. This portion of the population spends substantially more per household than the elderly or young people.

People that make up the ages most represented on Twitter spend more on everything. They’re usually active people with families.

2. Daily Activity

With 40% of their user pool active every day, that means there are over 120 million people you can reach daily. This is an incredible number of active, engaged users.

The average person spends over three minutes per session reading on Twitter. Being concise and to the point is important if you want your ad to be read.

On their daily feed users that are active on twitter will receive your ads like any other tweet. This helps them integrate into the customers viewing experience without being in the way or obvious.

3. Twitter Helps Users Find What They Want

If you are advertising a product or service, Twitter helps connect people to you. Those who need your product and service are very likely to see your ads.

This is especially helpful given the speed with which many people check Twitter. As long as you have engaging and regularly viewed ads, you’ll open a floodgate of customers.

4. Twitter Has Users With Varied Interests

If you get on Twitter, you can find just about any group of people represented. There are groups strongly aligned to social causes like environmental protection and climate change.

If you have a product that can appeal to a niche group, like vegans, for instance, you will reach your target market on Twitter.

Utilizing this diverse population is something that can pay off big time. You can build a positive reputation very quickly with passionate customers. These customers will be loyal to what your company represents, not just your products.

5. International Appeal

There are over 262 million Twitter users outside of the U.S. If your business is ready to take a step into the international scene, Twitter can help.

English is the primary language spoken on Twitter. Most of the users, even in other countries, will be able to read and interact with your advertisements.

6. Higher Than Average Click Rates for Ads

Click rates are how many times an advertisement is clicked on by a user. Twitter has shown repeatedly to have some of the highest click rates of any social media channel.

The high click rate means that Twitter advertising is more impactful. You will get a higher return per dollar spent on advertisements through Twitter than other social media platforms.

7. It Is Easier to Go Viral

The way Twitter works is through “re-tweeting’. This is the process by which a tweet is shared with other users. If a person sees something they like, they re-tweet it to their followers and friends.

Your ad can be shared by an exponentially larger group of people each time it is re-tweeted. There’s no guarantee you’ll go viral, but your chances are better than on other social media platforms.

8. More Mobile-Friendly

More users on Twitter access the app through their mobile device than even Facebook. As the number of mobile internet users continues to grow, this becomes an even more important distinction.

Mobile access is used by over 80% of users on Twitter as their normal way to interact with the platform. As more young people start building their lives and careers, they are likely to use mobile internet as their primary internet.

9. Twitter Is Fast

Interacting and advertising through Twitter is a quick, rapidly shared experience. People who use Twitter often cite that it is the fastest way to stay up to date with the world.

With the famous limited characters of a Tweet, things happen at lightning speed on Twitter. If an event is occurring or something major happening in the world, the usage of Twitter skyrockets.

Twitter Advertising as a Strategy

Twitter has several advantages over other social media platforms.

That doesn’t change that sticking to one social media platform is unwise. The more you can diversify your approach, the better chance you’ll have of finding new customers.

Building an effective strategy is important. If you use a company to help you, make sure you find one with experience in streamlining your social media advertising.

A reputable ad business will be able to prove its effect on your business. Case studies on the impact of social media advertising can also help you understand how it’ll help your business better.

Tweet That Ad

Drive Social Media is a company that can help you grow your business. We are a large team of industry professionals who have a track record of success in increasing sales.

Understanding Twitter advertising and the way social media works with your ad campaign can be difficult. Using digital advertising as a way to reach customers is the only way to stay relevant in the modern age.

The longer it takes for your business to have a social media presence, the more money you’re giving away to your competitors. Contact us today and drive the success of your business forward.