Boost Conversion Rates with Facebook Lead Ads

If you’re like us, you are pretty pumped about Facebook’s newest addition to its ad platform- Lead ads. Last week, it starting rolling out access in Power Editor to everyone, and guys, it is awesome.

We already know that Facebook’s robust advertising platform can help businesses reach highly qualified consumers, but Facebook hasn’t made it easy on most of us to maintain strong lead conversion rates. This is partially because of the multi-step process that happens when consumers click on ads asking for their email. They are taken to a separate page, away from the original application they are browsing, then asked to fill out even more information. While this kind of lead marketing technology has worked in the past, the whole thing, while simple, isn’t the most convenient or ideal method. Simply put, the more steps you put between the initial “click” and the end-goal (conversion), the less likely you are to obtain that valuablelead.

Now, Facebook has developed some fantastic lead marketing solutions to combat this very problem: Lead Ads. Lead Ads on Facebook allow the consumer to give his or her email information directly into a form without leaving the Facebook application. This is especially great news for consumers who access everything on their phone, which accounts for almost 80% of all Facebook users.
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Possibly the most exciting part is that the opt-in form will automatically populate. So, no more filling out long pesky forms. All the consumer has to do is click the call-to-action button, and then “submit.” So, what does this mean for marketers? Higher conversion rates. (Or at least, that’s what Facebook is hoping for.)

These lead ads are a more direct way to run lead generation campaigns than what has been previously practiced. Customers can complete these lead ad forms with just a few easy taps, so small businesses can collect information seamlessly. Ads can also be customized! Open-ended questions, multiple choice options, and contact fields can be used to gather the information that matters most to you and your business; so the information your consumer seeks (and the information you are seeking from them) can be as specific or as general as you want it to be.

While we love Lead ads, there are some weaknesses, but don’t you worry. Facebook is already talking about new features that will be available soon. These include CRM integration, desktop placement (as of now, they are only available for mobile placement), video integration, and availability with carousel ads.

If you’re a business owner in Nashville and would like to learn more about how to generate business leads online, let’s talk!