Facebook Introduces Live Video Streaming

Last month, after much anticipation, Facebook unveiled its new live video streaming feature for the public, called “Live.” This live video platform allows users to broadcast (and view) video content in real time. It started with celebrities like Serena Williams, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Katy Perry, but because of the popularity of the app, Facebook quickly decided to open up the option for its use to Verified Accounts and Profiles as well.

The only question is when this feature will be available to the average business. When Facebook’s Live Product Manager, Vadim Lavrusik, was asked, he would’t say, but he did tell our friends at TechCrunch.com that they want to get some feedback from public figures and viewers as the product evolves.

This feature will be a total game changer for local restaurants and businesses trying to get the word out about their scheduled events, and could be a crucial tool for music venues in the Nashville area.

Businesses could live stream shows in real time or highlight a special songwriter night they’re hosting. Maybe a restaurant’s new chef is shown preparing for a wine dinner or that night’s fresh catch special. Whatever the news may be that your business wants to share, Facebook’s Live Video Streaming could get potential consumers off the couch and out the door if they see something they love to eat being delicately prepared in a kitchen, or a their favorite musician playing right down the street.

And remember this is all in real time. This feature casts a wide net, and it casts it fast.

We know that Facebook has not always been the best platform for real-time content due to its filtered News Feed. However, it is working to make sure these live broadcasts reach viewers while they are still happening. Not only will they show in the News Feeds of fans, but Facebook will send push alerts to users who have recently interacted with the page.

Facebook’s “Live” does have several advantages over the other top live streaming apps, like Periscope and Meerkat.

  • These videos don’t just disappear like other networks, since more than 50% of video views on Facebook come from shares. This ensures that these live broadcasts can be shared (and seen) over and over again by those who can see a page’s timeline; all of this occurring well after the original broadcast has already aired!
  • Facebook has a massive mobile user base that could help bring live streaming to the mainstream. Other streaming apps gained popularity by a much smaller group of tech-savvy users.
  • Facebook’s advanced targeted ad platform could help brands actually make money from live content. Because marketers can buy ads, Facebook could help brands turn live broadcasts into an actual revenue stream.


So, this feature may not be available to local businesses yet, but it is safe to bet that it will be in the near future, making Facebook an even more valuable platform to market your brand.