The world we live in changes and it changes fast. We know this. New technologies, new ventures, the newest business trends. It’s hard to keep it all straight. This means many common small businesses have a hard time keeping up (let alone competing) with the many fast-changing technologies and big brand marketing strategies larger companies can afford. In fact, most small businesses (unfortunately) wind up lost in the shuffle, and it isn’t their fault.

When Facebook first introduced its NewsFeed, it ran on what was known as the Auto-Roll Algorithm. This meant 100% of the content a brand posted was seen by 100% of its audience, 100% of the time. However, back then Facebook was a much more casual part of our life than it is today. It was mainly available to college students, you had to access it through a desktop, and if you did post something, chances are it was only once, maybe twice a week.

However, this meant small businesses could post organic content and it would be seen by all of their fans. All of them. (Sounds great doesn’t it?)

Now, smartphones have put the Internet in the palm of our hands. We feel inconvenienced if we don’t have access to it. Some of us are posting to our Facebook almost four or five times a day. The old algorithm just couldn’t keep up to show that kind of content magnitude anymore. Which is why, in 2013, Facebook created the Edgerank Algorithm. This algorithm weighs your engagement on Facebook to see what kind of consumer you are, and what content appeals to you as the user. Great for users, not great for brands.

The same businesses that once reached 100% of their fans, could now only reach 16% of them, and that’s a huge jump.

Around the same time, Facebook also launched an Ads Management Platform. This gives businesses the opportunity to get that lost percentage of audience back. Unfortunately, it was crazy expensive. Only the big guys like Coke or Pepsi, who had large experimental marketing budgets, could afford it. Even worse, Facebook continued to drive down the amount of organic content shown in a person’s NewsFeed, so now businesses only reach 4% (or less) of their intended audience. This means, if a small business has 1,000 fans, and posts about a special it is running that day, only and average of 40 people would see it. And those odds are pretty terrible if you ask us.

This tough margin that Facebook is pushing common small businesses into is something we’re passionate about helping to reconcile.

Here at Drive Social Media, we have the strategic tools to help build brand awareness for small businesses, create a thriving online community surrounding your brand, and drive more traffic to your website (and to your front door). We offer a big business strategy for a small business budget, and we deliver.

Because of our exclusive access to the Facebook Exchange, we’re able to put the exact message in front of the exact audience you want, and we’re able to do it in an affordable fashion.

Not only can we reach highly qualified consumers based on email databases, phone databases, and website visitors, but we can target based on almost any kind of demographic your consumer fits into. Be it relationships or politics, life events or education, online purchases or income level, we are able to target your primary audience and boost awareness of your brand to people who already know and love you.

Consider Drive Social Media your one-stop marketing shop. We are able to implement strategies that frankly, other marketers in the Nashville metro area, simply don’t. Through top-of-the-line, cutting edge graphic design and videography, and good business strategy, we have the ability to put your business over the top in the ever-growing competitive market.