Here at Drive Social Media, we specialize in partnering with local area businesses and restaurants to manage and increase their social media marketing presence (and beyond). Now that we’ve expanded to Nashville, we want to talk about one of our favorite things…FOOD! Here’s a look at our top 10 favorite Nashville hotspots, as told by our Community Manager, Warren Givens.

We have an exemplary team of experts, each specializing in their prospective field. Our Community Manager, Warren Givens, is without a doubt one of the best of the best, and to top it off, has a real flare for Nashville flavor.

Warren might be a Nashville transplant, but he’s been around town long enough to have earned his local stripes.

A native of Northern Mississippi, Warren moved to town in 2008 to pursue a Music Business degree at Belmont. As a guitar player and singer/songwriter, he has played around town (and even toured a good bit) here and there throughout the years. He’s a man with a band and can be regularly seen haunting all sorts of stages. You can catch him at The Basement, The Five Spot, and even ACME from time to time.

Warren Givens sitting on porch


But for this blog’s purposes, we’re going to hold off on Givens’ musical knowledge (don’t worry, that might come later) and get back to what’s really important, the Nashville food scene





#10. Village Pub (Riverside Village):

Located in Riverside Village, this pub is just what the doctor ordered after a long workday, especially on “Mule Mondays.” (Half-priced mules until 10PM?YES please.) No matter what poison you pick, it’s got a special for you. And the best part is, Village Pub is also dog friendly! Givens brings his rescue pup (a pointer mix named Gillie) here often. If you see them out on the patio, feel free to give her a pet.


#9. Mas Tacos (East Nashville):
Being on tour allows you to try all sorts of delicacies from a variety of different regions, so when Warren craves something a little south of the border, he hops over to Mas Tacos in East Nashville. His top picks are the Carne Molida or the Fried Avocado (yum!), and he usually washes it all down with a cold, frosty Mexican Coca-Cola. This kinda meal has us shouting, ole!



#8. Sky Blue (East End)
It’s clear by now that Nashville knows the best cure for a big weekend is an equally epic brunch to bring it on home. SkyBlue is Givens’ go-to spot to cure a hangover. This small cafe offers hand-squeezed orange juice for mimosas, and the portions are so large, Givens states he usually has to “go home and take a nap” afterward. Now that’s what we’re talking about! He suggests you try the Breakfast Burrito or the Em’s Bowl next time you’re over that way.



#7 Silly Goose (Eastland)

Now our man, Warren, likes to treat himself from time to time. It’s no surprise that he’s found exactly what he’s looking for in Nashville’s very own, Silly Goose. If he’s feeling a little hungry, he’ll go for the medium plate of the Maltese Falcon (crisp duck confit, green chile basmati rice, red mole, tomatillo chimichurri), but if he’s really hankering for something special, he’ll go all out with the large (but still healthy) Hustler (citrus & greek yogurt marinated chicken, red lentils, kale, chili oil, spicy tamarind sauce, Noble Springs feta). Either way, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous selections.


#6 Martin’s Bar-B-Que (12 South)
I think we can all agree that to live in Nashville and not love BBQ should be considered a small crime, punishable by offense. That being said, Warren swears by Martin’s Bar-B-Que over in the 12 South Neighborhood. A smokehouse with a whole-hog approach, this joint delivers bite after bite of mouth-watering pulled pork. Try the sandwich! Givens suggests the mac & cheese or broccoli salad as his side item of choice.


#5 Steadfast Coffee (Germantown)

With his gigs as a working musician and all his duties as our Community Manager, Warren wears many hats and stays pretty busy. Needless to say, the guy drinks A LOT of coffee. He’s tried a cup from almost every place in town over the years and will swear up and down that Steadfast serves the absolute BEST cup of coffee in Nashville, and without the pretentious vibe that some other spots in town give off. Givens orders the Americano with at least three shots of espresso every time he’s there. We don’t advise you go that hard, but you can be sure (in the eyes of this caffeine fiend) that Steadfast is a spot you can trust.


#4 Thai Phooket (LP Field Adjacent)

Everyone needs a little spice in their life, and at Thai Phooket, Givens goes crazy over its sweet and spicy fares. Whether it’s the Panang Curry, the Pad Kee Mao, or the standard Pad Thai, this spot has what it takes to be the best in town. Located right across the street from LP field, this might be a spot to look into this fall. Pick up take-out on your way home from a game, or stop in for a big pre-game meal to fill yourself with noodles before you cheer the Titans on; but beware, once you get a taste, you’ll just keep coming back for more!


#3 Mitchell’s (Riverside Village)

Warren came back from lunch his first day in the office and brought with him the most delicious looking sandwich some of us had ever seen. Thick, fluffy bread, warm meat and cheese; the new folks to town asked,”Where did you get that!” But the locals new the score. Givens is a sandwich man and boasts that Mitchell’s has the best tasting sammies in town. His staples are the Italian or the Beef & Cheddar, but every now and then (when it’s on special) he’ll treat himself to a Cuban sandwich.


#2 Arnold’s (The Gulch)

A top ten list of Nashville’s best wouldn’t be complete without a meat & three. Located just down the street from the Drive Nashville office in The Gulch, Arnold’s is a Nashville staple. It opened its doors in 1982, and has been treating customers like they’re part of the family ever since. When asked what was Warren’s favorite dish or his favorite day to go grab a bite from Arnold’s, his reply was, “Everything. Always.”




#1 Robert’s Western World (Broadway)

As noted earlier, our very favorite Community Manager is a self-proclaimed, “simple sammich man” and his very favorite sammie this side of the Mississippi is none other than the Fried Bologna Sandwich at Robert’s Western World on Broadway. Givens loves it there. With nonstop classic country tunes and a Recession Special, (PBR & Bologna Sandwich, only $5!) Warren can eat and drink ’til his heart’s content, making Robert’s one of his favorite spots in the world, and MOST favorite spot in Nashville. If you see him around there sometime, be sure to give him a “Howdy!”


And remember, Warren isn’t only an expert when it comes to delicious dishes, he’s also our expert on social media marketing and brand awareness in the Nashville area. If you think your restaurant or business could benefit from partnering with us, give us a call at 615-219-8379, or sign up for a free consultation today!