Social media is a great tool for businesses to leverage to be seen by millions of new customers. Viral content can put your brand on top of customers’ minds and help you increase your sales. 

Going viral is a good goal for brands looking for immense exposure. But can a small business go viral? The short answer is yes. Keep reading to learn how.

Go Back to the Drawing Board

Creating viral content is the perfect way to get extra eyes on your business but doesn’t come without some work. Can you believe that 68 percent of social media users say brands don’t share interesting social content? You should start with an overhaul of your social media marketing strategy.

Your digital marketing efforts have a lot to tell about your social performance. If your content doesn’t cut the mustard, there’s no way you’re posts are going viral. You’re better off reviewing your approach and building a new social media strategy.

Remember, you want more from your strategy than just going viral. And if your social expert only focuses on the number of shares and likes from your posts, you should fire them. 

Going viral should help you increase your ROIs. Your posts are more valuable reaching your target customer than earning cosmetic metrics. Think about how your posts can persuade your target prospect and help you increase sales.

By going back to the drawing board, you’ll find a chance to learn more about your customer. You want to understand what motivates them and drives them to choose your products. Base your strategy on their data to create viral media that can lure them into buying more.

Gather New and Old Customer’s Data

Your social expert should have a deep understanding of your customers. They can’t help you develop viral content if they don’t understand the customer journey.

It would be best to have plenty of customer data to revamp your social media marketing strategy. Your content should be able to wow your customers regardless of what stage they’re at in your sales funnel.

Define which aspects of users’ data are significant to your marketing strategy. That way, you can analyze better how to attract and engage them and eventually convince them to buy more.

Each customer’s data is essential because they’re not all equal. Identify what key factors set them apart to understand their needs better. Once you have specific details about them, you can create more relevant messages.

Customers’ real-time behavior online can also help you refine your strategy. To create viral content, you need to know how your targets behave online.

  • What links are they following?
  • How long do they stay online and on your site?
  • What content are they uploading or downloading?
  • Which of your competitors are they following? 

Big data will help you discover users’ needs regardless of the type or size of your business. Leading businesses gather, analyze and use customer data to predict customer needs. 

Build a Database of Prospects Matching Your Ideal Buyer’s Traits

Going viral means your content earns the attention of thousands of internet users. Your content must be unique, engaging, and aligned with many followers’ interests for this to happen.

How is it possible to create viral media for your business? You need to make sure your content contains all the ingredients to interest and convert your ideal buyer. Segment your audience and build buyer personas to represent different audience groups.

Build a database of prospects when you’re venturing into a new market. Make sure you’re targeting buyer personas and not audience groups at large. This is because your customers expect a personalized treatment.

A database allows you to gather many leads and develop a personalized marketing strategy. With AI tools, it’s really easy to decode your customer and target them with relevant posts. 79 percent of survey respondents agree that AI adoption in marketing and sales helped them increase business revenue.

Focus Social Content Strategy on Your Followers

A content strategy is vital for a successful social media marketing strategy. When developing social media content, one thing to consider is its alignment with your followers’ interests. 

Aligning content with followers’ interests is vital for developing viral content. Unfortunately, many marketers think sharing random memes can help them go viral. Random content that doesn’t appeal to your user interests wastes your resources. 

You can’t create successful viral media or social content if you cannot entice your followers. Follow their social media trail to establish what type of content they’re engaging with. Are they interested in social contests and challenges, channel takeovers, or how-to videos?

Social media is quickly evolving, so there’s no time you can be sure about your follower’s interests. You have to keep an eye on them to ensure your social content strategy stays abreast. Please find the best data tools and track your prospects on their favorite channels. 

Leverage AI to Optimize Your Campaigns

Creating viral content requires a lot of research and creativity. You need to find the right topics and words. It will also take hours crafting and optimizing content to have a chance of going viral.

What if your content creator’s job is only to fine-tune and test content for success? AI can take over some of the heavy content creation work and allow you to focus on creative aspects.

AIs major strength is it has strong research abilities. AI tools can dig into tons of past viral content data to help transform your campaigns. It can help you choose the best visuals and words for your campaigns. 

You can also use AI to ensure you’re not repeating the content creation mistakes. By looking at the mistakes of past campaigns, you can optimize your social content to make it go viral.

Sharing relevant content with each user can help you increase your ROIs. 91 percent of customers are likely to buy from brands that provide relevant recommendations. AI powers content recommendations by predicting what your prospects and customers want. 

It’s Time to Make Your Business Go Viral

Small businesses can go viral if they take advantage of their customers’ data. AI data will help you create relevant viral content and share it at the right time with your prospects. 

Ready to start using data to transform your social media marketing strategy. Contact us today to help your business create brand marketing strategies that get results.