Did you know that you can buy social media followers for as little as $18 for 100? They won’t do anything, such as spread the word about your brand to friends or crucially, make a purchase. These figures are just a number, so why are you still spending money on chasing these outdated metrics?

Social media has changed and if your staff is still following the old rules, it will cost. Read on as we discuss when you know it’s time to fire your social media expert. 

When They View Social Media as a Side Job

All too often, social media is seen as a side job. Even when you hire a social media manager, they may often be pulled in different directions. You may even find the social media manager is you, balancing a business and doing the social media on the side. 

To get any return on investment from social media, it needs to be done consistently. A blend of regular posting along with responding and interacting is the key. Customers who have had positive social media interactions with a company are 30% more likely to do business with that organization. 

These two areas will work together. You can create an in-depth posting schedule with great content but fail to interact and it will do nothing. If you spend time interacting but don’t post great content, you will have the same result. 

So how do you get the best results? Get social media management that concentrates on nothing else. If you don’t have the room for them in the company or the skills, then consider outsourcing to someone who can do it for you.  

They Can’t Tell What Works and What Doesn’t

In most occupations, if someone was not doing their job properly the results would be obvious to see. Yet bad social media management can be quite easy to hide behind. All it needs is a glitzy schedule with some great content and it looks like the job is done. 

This is not even half of it. When it comes to social media, results are what matters. Even the greatest content on earth can fall flat on its face if it goes to the wrong audience. 

So can your social media manager tell you what is and what is not working? Are they adjusting their approach because some posts are having a better return on investment while others are not? If they can’t tell you, then it may be time to let them go. 

They Repeat the Same Tasks

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. It can do so on an almost daily basis. It needs to be planned, measured, adjusted, and then done all over again. 

This takes time, which inevitably costs money. A vicious circle can begin where people try to cut these costs, but this leads to diminishing returns. Inevitably they begin to look for lower-priced social media solutions. 

Low price social media solutions are also trying to maximize their profits. They then provide a budget solution that does little to increase conversions and profits. Likes, comments, and shares are the usual metrics that measure social media success, but what is it for if it does not translate into profit?

The only way to break this cycle is to stop repeating the same tasks to save time and money. Instead, invest quality time and expenditure and you will see the results begin to speak for themselves. 

They Blur Personal and Business

Brand awareness is crucial to success. It will only become more important as time goes on. Part of this is letting customers know your mission statement and values, creating deep personal connections.

Inevitably, this comes back to the people who have made and run the company. They naturally become a part of the marketing process, a human face of the brand. 

The result of this is that personal photos often get used as business content and vice versa. A very unique problem can arise from this in which the business social media profile becomes too casual. A conversational atmosphere appears that is too much individual and not company ethos.

Current events, politics, and personal beliefs should all be no-go areas. As an example, look at the current furor over Ben & Jerry’s social media account and the problems it caused with investors. When your social media management gets too personal, it is time to move on. 

You Can’t See a Return on Investment

Social media campaign success should be measured in customers, not fans. Comments, shares, and likes are outdated metrics that do nothing but inflate vanity.

Your social media manager should know the difference between increasing sales and vanity metrics. While it may take time, a point should come where the profit they generate covers their salary and makes a profit for you. 

That does not mean all of these comments and likes are not important. This can bring followers that can later be converted. But this is only one part of the social media sales funnel and if your social media manager is not concentrating on it all, they are only doing half a job. 

Finding a New Social Media Expert

If your social media expert takes part in one or more of the points above, it may be time to have a conversation. Give them time to change and adapt. But if this does not happen, it may be time to rethink. 

Drive Social Media should be your first stop. We can create more customers, purchases, and revenue for your business. Contact us here and let us revolutionize your social media.