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Revving Up Sales For A Legendary Brand


Drive Social Media utilized a combination of Facebook ad formats with value-forward messaging and impactful imagery to significantly increase the revenue at four Bumpus Harley-Davidson® locations. Drive’s goal was to achieve $201,734.07 in attributed revenue in 12 months, hitting an overall 3x ROI. Drive shattered this goal, generating 816 purchases, bringing in a total of $4,629,796.93 attributed revenue and an overall 68.85x ROI in one year.


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Continuing An American Legacy

Bumpus Harley-Davidson® operates four motorcycle dealerships across the state of Tennessee, offering showrooms with an expansive inventory of new and pre-owned bikes, an extensive selection of branded merchandise, service departments with H-D® Master Technicians, and weekly Rider Academy Courses taught by H-D®-certified coaches. Despite being one of the top-selling dealerships in the state, Bumpus was seeing a 6% decline in traffic year-over-year and their average ticket steadily drop. This closely matched Harley-Davidson® Inc.’s sales trends across the country, with corporate seeing a 14% decrease in revenue from 2014-2019.



While Bumpus was able to take advantage of broad corporate advertising and traditional, print methods (focused more on awareness than sales), they had not found an effective way to leverage their extensive customer data to reach past buyers and similar audiences with targeted messaging on a digital platform. Through partnering with Drive, the first digital agency approved to work with a dealership apart from Harley-Davidson®’s vendor list, they hoped to use a scalable model to reverse their downward trajectory, boosting sales, increasing the average purchase amount across all aspects of their business, developing a more robust lead funnel, and ultimately receiving a 3x ROI.


Revving Up

Starting with Bumpus’s Murfreesboro, TN location, Drive developed a strategy that utilized a combination of Facebook’s advertising formats. Campaigns featured messaging with tangible value, captivating imagery, and direct CTAs that encouraged action while remaining within the company’s brand standards and guidelines. Ads were delivered to a custom lookalike audience, built by artificial intelligence to match the 1% of people, within a radius of the dealership, that were most similar to current customers. Quality leads were collected by targeting people who were highly-interested and willing to provide their information for a chance to win a free Rider Academy Course. New and repeat customers were targeted with A/B split-tested single images, carousels showcasing a variety of bikes, and AI-optimized dynamic campaigns.

After the first 3 months, we were already seeing a cost of $0.06 per web session, $3.91 per lead, and $1.48 per purchase. Using Marketing Milk, Drive’s proprietary analytics dashboard, we were able to monitor which creative elements and audiences were out-performing the rest. We used these learnings when honing audiences and refreshing copy and images to make the next round of ads as effective as possible.

After attributed revenue far exceeded Drive’s goals during the first two quarters, Bumpus expanded their partnership by adding their three other locations. After hitting a 720.21x ROAS in Murfreesboro, we gained the confidence to use creative and audience insights from top-performing ads and aggressive ad spend increase to quickly ramp up the results of the other dealerships, matching the success of the previous campaigns.

“The Drive Social team has been easy to work with. The transparency is remarkable. The team holds you accountable. The entire process was painless. We appreciate the effort(s) they put into our campaigns.”

— Kathy P., Director of Marketing, Bumpus Harley-Davidson


Going Full Throttle

Drive’s benchmark was to achieve $201,734.07 in attributed revenue within 12 months (hitting an overall 3X ROI). Due the success of our strategy, we far acceded that goal - generating 816 purchases, bringing in a total of $4,629,796.93 attributed revenue and an overall 68.85x ROI in one year. We were also able to significantly boost Bumpus’ average customer spend - from $3,982.12 at 6 months to $8,498.05, more than double at the end of the year. Key findings are now being used to optimize ads even more, based on what audiences, copy, photos, and videos are achieving the best results.


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