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Providing Results That Sparkle For A Family-Owned Retailer


Utilizing a combination of Facebook and Instagram ad formats, targeted with location-based, AI-lookalike audiences, we significantly increased the revenue at two McKenzie & Smiley Jewelry stores. Our benchmark goal in the first twelve months was to attribute $58,842.43 in revenue, achieving an overall 3x ROI. However, in just six months, our campaigns generated 908 purchases, bringing in a total of $1,075,051.15 attributed revenue and an overall 54.81x ROI.


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Clarksville’s “Yes” Specialists

McKenzie & Smiley Jewelers is a family-owned retailer, operating two locations in Clarksville, TN. Voted the community’s “Best Jewelry Store” 13 years in a row, it offers exclusive collections, designer and custom engagement settings, and an extensive selection of diamond, gemstone, and gold jewelry. With over 200 years of combined experience, its GIA Certified Gemologist, IJO Master Jewelers, & diamond consultants help customers find or create the perfect piece for any occasion.


Polish The Numbers

The jewelry retail industry has been experiencing an average 3.6% decline in sales since 2015, largely thanks to heightened competition from online retailers like Blue Nile and After seeing a neutral revenue over the last few years, McKenzie & Smiley was interested in using a scalable model to increase both the number of purchases and average ticket. Thanks to accolades in local publications and an established history in the community, McKenzie & Smiley had less trouble reaching nearby audiences. They had, however, not fully tapped into the sizable market of military service members from adjacent Fort Campbell and an audience of people, within a 15-mile radius, who matched the same demographics and interests as their loyal customers. Through partnering with Drive Social Media, the company established a twelve-month goal of 3x ROI for its digital advertising strategy, built on bringing in new and repeat customers to its brick and mortar locations.


Diamond Precision

Using McKenzie & Smiley’s extensive customer database POS data, Drive built an AI lookalike audience that matched 200,000 people within a 15-mile radius of the stores, within a 1% variance of current customers. Until now, these Facebook and Instagram users had not been reached with advertising, despite being closely matched to current customers’ demographics and buying habits. A/B split-tested and AI-optimized ads, featuring top-selling items with copy highlighting tangible value about the stores, were delivered to this audience at a CPM of only $1.02 within the first six months. Facebook’s average CMP is around $7.77. Our rate indicated the campaigns were putting the most relevant creative in front of the most relevant audience (which corresponds to a higher purchase rate). Messaging was also delivered to people who were in a relationship and whose interests matched national competitors and significant life events, achieving a CPM of $1.08 within the same time frame.


Results That Sparkle

Within six months, the AI lookalike audience drove 220 purchases across both locations, bringing in a total of $234,130.08 attributed revenue from potential customers who had never been reached before. In total, Drive’s campaigns generated 908 purchases, $1,075,051.15 attributed revenue, a 292.98x ROAS, and a 54.81x ROI, (shattering the initial yearly goal of 58,842.43 and 3x ROI). Now, using Marketing Milk, Drive’s proprietary analytics dashboard, we are identifying what creative elements are most likely to cause audiences to convert customers. Using the incredible ROAS as a jumping-off point, we are continuing to increase ad spend. We can expect a steady ratio of purchases to spend, scaling to an even greater return on McKenzie & Smiley’s investment.


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