Chunky’s Cinema & Pub

Achieving Cinematic Results For A Hybrid Entertainment Business


Drive Social Media and Chunky’s Cinema & Pub partnership has proved to be a real show stopper. Over the course of 2 years partnered with Drive Social Media, Chunky's was able to attribute 1,977 purchases and $91,171.77 in revenue directly to our marketing efforts. For every dollar invested in Facebook advertising, Chunky's received an average of $44.06 dollars in return! With a 10x overall return on their marketing investment with Drive Social Media, all Chunky’s had to do was sit back & enjoy the show.


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Return On Investment


Return On Ad Spend


The Only Way To See A Movie

Immediately upon entering Chunky’s Cinema, it is clear to see that they are unlike any other. From the spacious leather recliners, to the full-service pub menu, Chunky’s gives customers a chance to escape the hustle & bustle of everyday life and indulge in 90 minutes of cinematic comfort.


Lighting Up The Silver Screen

Chunky’s Cinema & Pub partnered with Drive Social Media after they began to notice a steady decrease in ticket sales due to the recent arrival of a competing movie theater franchise. Although Chunky’s offers the lowest ticket prices (in addition to a full-service pub menu & seasonal cocktails), they were not reaching new customers through organic social media and struggled to highlight the value points that made them special. Thus, we introduced the idea of leveraging social media and technology to compete with a newer & bigger nationally-known chain.


Lights, Camera, Action!

We immediately began to build a strategy that emphasized Chunky's tangible value - lowest ticket prices, a full-service pub menu, seasonal cocktails, and event spaces for rent. By implementing these value points into our campaigns, we were able to increase ticket sales by incentivizing customers to take immediate action (reserving seats and purchasing movie tickets). We reached Chunky’s custom audiences with a wide variety of advertisement types that featured consistent messaging and call-to-actions. In addition, we learned that short-form copy loaded with emojis was grabbing the eye of their audiences and converting into movie-ticket purchases.

“Chunky’s has always meant more than just dinner and a movie for us. Special events, fundraising, functions, birthday parties are important revenue streams we constantly look to develop and grow. We continue to search for new veins of business to tap into and getting the word out can be an overwhelming task as outlets are extremely fragmented. Social media has been a real blessing for us specifically working with the folks at Drive Social. The results have been staggering and we’ve enjoyed a very successful year. We appreciate their help"

— Chunky’s Cinema & Pub


It’s Showtime

Through its August - October 2019 campaign, the goal for a 3X return was exceeded by 333%.

Our prosperous relationship with Chunky’s Cinema & Pub not only provided a steady increase in ticket sales; in addition, we were able to generate $91,171.77 of revenue by advertising their event space, maxing out their reservations for the foreseeable future.

By taking the need to fill these event spaces off their plate, Chunky’s Cinema & Pub team is now able to focus on other aspects of their business, such as themed movie premieres and 21+ sponsored events.

Although we have greatly exceeded our goal of 3x return, we are far from finished with our partnership. We will continue to increase our advertising spend, as well as our audience sizes to continue to grow the revenue directly attributed to ticket sales.

The August-October 2019 campaign run resulted in:
● $91,171.77 in revenue attributed to Facebook ads
● 1,977 total purchase driven by Facebook ads
● 10x return on investment
● 44.6x return on ad spend


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