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Getting Your Ducts In A Row


Before partnering with Drive, Anton’s HVAC was spending 125k per year in untrackable traditional advertising trying to compete in a market oversaturated with HVAC companies. Partnering with Drive, Anton’s was furnished with a customized, trackable digital marketing program that saw them smashing their 3x return on investment (ROI) goal, climbing from an initial 2x ROI to a 14x return by 2020 and a total attributed revenue of more than half a million dollars — all for a fraction of their old marketing budget.


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Not Your Average HVAC Company

Heating & cooling is an incredibly competitive industry. With dozens of other HVAC companies within fifty miles and with 100,000 (and counting) in the country, Anton’s has managed to distinguish itself for its responsiveness and professionalism, and for being able to substantiate their top-notch customer service claims. With A+ rating from the BBB, a team of NATE & ASE-certified technicians, and a fleet of distinctive trucks, Anton’s has earned a reputation for being consistent, reliable, and trustworthy in an industry notorious for upsells and rip-offs.

Anton’s also offers something you don’t see a lot in the HVAC industry: a personality. From posting GIFs and jokes to sharing self-produced spoofs of movies, Anton’s doesn’t just handle your HVAC needs in a cost-effective and timely manner, they give you something to chuckle about and don’t take themselves too seriously. When the Anton’s HVAC truck shows up to your house, you know that you’re getting A+ cost-effective services; but you can also expect a small arsenal of quips and the neighborly demeanor of someone you actually trust to be in your house.


Generate Revenue Through Facebook

Before coming on with Drive in 2018, Anton’s hadn’t done any social media marketing. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on traditional advertising like TV, billboards, and radio, Anton’s came to Drive wanting a new solution that would show them how their advertising dollars were really being used to bring in more business. With an initial goal of 3x return on investment, Anton’s partnered with Drive looking to schedule more consultations and bring in more business. Drive’s solution was a bespoke, trackable, and scalable digital marketing program designed to play to Anton’s strengths: its A+ BBB ratings, its high level of certification, and its rapid response to customers’ HVAC problems.


Bring In New Customers, Set Anton’s Apart From The Competition

Drive set out to address Anton’s main problem: attracting new customers. Creating lookalike audiences that resembled Anton’s existing customer base, Drive was able to effectively target people interested in HVAC services and put them into Anton’s funnel. As part of its eight campaign strategy, Drive also used repeat customer campaigns to keep customers continually cycling through Anton’s funnel and upsell campaigns to increase the dollar value of each customer, further helping Anton’s gain ground in a highly competitive industry. Finally, Drive fine-tuned Anton’s messaging using the AI & machine learning of dynamic creative campaigns, honing in on the creative that actually worked.

Expanding on the quirky and off-kilter tone of Anton’s past marketing efforts, Drive created videos to be used for Facebook campaigns spoofing everything from Ghost Busters to Mission Impossible, making not only for effective advertising but also funny and memorable branding. Bringing to the fore Anton’s high level of expertise and certification, rapid response to customers, flawless customer service track record and BBB rating, and unique personality, Drive was well on its way to setting Anton’s apart in a traditionally bland industry.


Up The Heat On ROI

Once the ball was rolling, Anton’s success picked up a lot of speed. As a result of Drive’s efforts, Anton’s return on ad spend (ROAS) has shot up by 105% quarter-over-quarter, soaring to a 28x ROAS. Barreling through its initial goal of 3x ROI, Drive has pushed Anton’s revenue to new heights with each year; from a 2x return on the year to 7x return, all the way up to a 14x return on investment by 2020. Through Drive’s marketing efforts, Anton’s new customer goals were consistently met and exceeded; from 736 new customers in 2018, to 1034 in 2019, to a running total of more than 2,000. These leaps and bounds in Anton’s marketing have culminated in a 38% increase in revenue quarter-over-quarter, with Drive bringing Anton’s more than half a million dollars (and counting!) in attributed revenue.


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