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Calling All Drivers!


120 days after partnering with Drive, Twin Lake Trucking was able to double their applications per month and hire eight new drivers. During the period, Drive was able to attribute 87 out of 121 of their total applications (72%), with a $32.18 Cost Per Application (CPA) — roughly 85% lower than their pre-Drive average CPA of $218. With an estimated yearly value of $180,000 per driver, we were able to attribute $1,440,000 in estimated new driver revenue.


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Keep America Moving

Founded in 1967, Twin Lake Trucking is a transportation and warehousing corporation based out of East Saint Louis, Illinois. They offer a variety of local, regional, and over-the-road trucking solutions, including temperature controlled, van, intermodal, curtain side, flatbed, step deck, landoll, and low-boy trailers. Owners Alan and Nicole Sinn and the rest of the Twin Lake Trucking team, work with their partners to customize cost-effective and time-saving delivery services.

Although trucking represents 71.4% of tonnage carried by all modes of domestic freight transportation, according to Kenny Vieth, Senior Analyst at Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research, the transportation industry is forecasted to see a driver shortage of upwards of 160,000 people over the next decade.

“Before partnering with Drive we were so hands-on with finding and recruiting drivers. Now, the applicants come to us.”

— Nicole Sinn, Owner



After years of working with outside vendors and online job forums, owner Nicole Sinn grew tired of the low number of applications and the quality of the applicants. They needed a way to attract new drivers without wasting so much time and effort locating them. Our goal was simple: increase driver applications. Before partnering with Drive Social Media, Twin Lake Trucking received, on average, 13.5 applications per month in 2019. After partnering with Drive in February 2020, their applications increased to 30 per month on average. With an estimated value of $15,000/month per new driver, Drive was able to attribute an estimated new-driver yearly-revenue increase of $1,440,000 within three months.


Now We’re Truckin’

We integrated our proprietary Marketing Milk software with Twin Lake Trucking's application database, analyzed their current drivers, and used AI and machine learning to build audiences of similar applicants within a 1% variance of their current drivers. We also used an interest-based audience that targeted individuals interested in trucking and getting a new job. Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network, we advertised Twin Lake's job benefits, available positions, and work/life balance. Within the first four months of partnering with Drive, we were able to help Twin Lake Trucking recruit eight new drivers and attribute $1,440,000 in estimated new driver revenue. In just four months, we were able to outpace their 2019 estimated new driver revenue by 100%.

“Drivers see the ads, they like what they see, and they're inquiring more often. The applications we receive every month have doubled since partnering with Drive.”

— Nicole Sinn, Owner


Driving In The Applications!

Just like the transportation industry never stops, we knew we had to put the pedal to the metal to meet our goal of ten new drivers in 12 months. After the first 90 days of partnering with Twin Lake Trucking, we knew we had reached the point of scalability in regards to Twin Lake Trucking’s goal of applications. Based on a 10% closing rate from applicant-to-hire, we determined we needed to bring them 100 applications on the year to meet our goal.

Within the first 120 days, Drive was able to attribute 87 out of 121 of Twin Lake's total applications and eight new drivers. In addition, we were able to obtain applicants at a cost of $32.18. Cost Per Application (CPA) — which was 76% lower than our goal of $133 (CPA)!

“We used to get about ten applications a month, and now we get about 30 to 40 applicants a month. Since partnering with Drive in February, we've hired eight drivers."

— Nicole Sinn, Owner


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