Pizza Perfect

Serving Up ROI Amidst A Global Crisis


As the 2020 winter melted into spring, business owners around the world were facing heightened uncertainty over the economy, employment, and livelihood of their establishments due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. All the while, a local Nashville pizza joint was able to utilize custom audiences to EXPAND their reach, resulting in $43,246.37 revenue in a 3 month period, with a 8.54x return on investment and 36.15x return on ad spend.


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Handmade & Baked Fresh, Every Single Day

Since 1983, Pizza Perfect has been serving delicious handmade pies, made-to-order in gas-fired ovens. With a focus on fresh cooking & ingredients, they pride themselves on creating homemade dough, without preservatives, every single day. Their tasty selection of pizza, pasta, subs & salads are proudly prepared from scratch, earning them the savored seat of #1 pizza in Nashville!


Serving Up 3X ROI

In February of 2019, Pizza Perfect partnered with Drive Social Media in the hopes of generating business by enticing new and repeat customers to stop by for a slice, while simultaneously reaching a 3x return on investment.

Since then, we have been able to attribute over 7,500 purchases while continuously modifying our messages, audiences & creative to provide a steady return on investment.


The Pizza Perfect Solution

Although Drive has continuously provided & exceeded the promised 3x return on investment for Pizza Perfect, the March-May 2020 campaign posed a new challenge with the COVID-19 Pandemic.
We began taking steps to modify all messaging to focus on delivery, contactless delivery & curbside pickup. From there, we began to create custom AI lookalike audiences through Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence technology, along with location-based targeting to expand reach throughout Middle Tennessee. By doubling down and investing in advertising at a time when many other companies were pausing their advertising, Pizza Perfect was able to reap the benefits of finding those hungry customers and a 8.54x return on investment.

For the March-May campaign, we utilized 5 different types of advertisements: data acquisition, dynamic, new customer, repeat customer, and upsell ads.

The data acquisition campaign, offering a free $100 gift card, was the top-performing advertisement, resulting in 345 purchases, $18,567.03 in revenue, and a 37.49x return on ad spend.

“Drive Social Media has been a great addition to our advertising and marketing plan. The team really does the research to be sure the message we want is portrayed and that we reach not only a new audience but also keep engaging with our current fanbase. We have been impressed with the results!"

— Amanda Dillingham, Marketing & Outreach, Perfect Pizza


A Successful Solution, Any Way You Slice It

Through its March-May campaign, the goal for a 3X return was exceeded by 184%. In addition, Pizza Perfect came out on the other side of the pandemic having maintained a steady source of revenue, as well as gaining an even larger network of returning customers that were targeted by advertisements during the global pandemic.

The March-May Facebook campaign run resulted in:
● $43,246.37 revenue attributed to Facebook ads
● 1,582 purchases driven by Facebook ads
● 8.54x return on investment
● 36.15x return on ad spend


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