The Running Well Store

Outpacing The Competition In The Kansas City Area


After 10 months of partnering with Drive Social Media, The Running Well Store was able to attribute 1,191 purchases and $191,716 in revenue directly to our social media marketing efforts. For every dollar invested on Facebook Advertising, The Running Well Store received an average of 53.32x return on ad spend.


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A Place For Every Pace

The Running Well Store is a brick-and-mortar running specialty store located in Kansas City, MO. When Kathy Gates purchased the company in March of 2013, her goal was simple: to provide an inclusive environment for every type of athlete. From leisurely walkers to marathon runners, every customer is offered a free stride analysis. This state-of-the-art process uses video gait analysis to examine the biomechanics of the foot. In turn, the store employees (aka, the Running Gurus) are then able to provide the customer with a selection of shoes best suited to their needs. Having staked their claim as the store that finds “the right fit the first time’, The Running Well Store truly provides a place for every pace.


Finding Their Footing In A Big Box Market

When The Running Well Store partnered with Drive in September of 2019, their goal was simple: to increase new customer purchases while making a name for themselves in the densely-populated Kansas City running store market. With big box stores opening up left and right, The Running Well Store turned to Drive Social Media’s marketing expertise to find new customers, drive brick-and-mortar sales and establish a returning customer base. When COVID-19 struck, however, we had to adjust our goal accordingly. With brick-and-mortar establishments being shut down around the country, we altered our strategy to focus on online sales & delivery.


Incorporating Value Into Every Ad

At our first meeting with The Running Well Store, we asked Kathy what value points differentiated her store from the big box competitors in the market. She informed us that aside from offering the widest variety of running shoe brands, her store is one of the only specialty shoe stores in the market that offers every customer a free stride analysis. From there, we created a Facebook and Instagram strategy that utilized carousel ads to showcase their range of top-of-the-line running shoes. In addition, we incorporated the value points of free stride analysis, group run demos & running experts into copy, resulting in 187 purchases in the first 3 months.

“The Running Well Store was really fortunate to experience immediate results from Drive's advertising, including high ROI and low cost of customer acquisition. I have been impressed with the quarterly reports that show where customers are coming from and what messaging they are relating to the best. Drive Social Media provides me with real numbers and impressive results.”

— Kathy Gates, Owner


One Step Ahead Of The Rest

In March of 2020, The Running Well Store was already pacing ahead of the original goals with a 4.74X ROI; but times were changing and so did our strategy. As the COVID-19 pandemic began wreaking havoc on locally-owned businesses around the world, we shifted our focus from brick-and-mortar sales to The Running Well’s new online retail site. This shift, in combination with the desire for millions of Americans to get outside & get active during a time of isolation, proved to be a surefire success. With all advertisements focused on virtual retail for the April-June 2020 campaign, we saw a total of a 15.12 x ROI, as well as 673 total purchases. Not only did we surpass our goal of a 3x return on investment on the year, but we surpassed that goal at time when many small-scale businesses were struggling.


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