Chuck’s Boots

Giving the Boot to Traditional Marketing


Over the years, Chuck’s Boots has invested in every advertising medium you can think of: Radio spots, television commercials, print mailers, magazine ads, billboards (nearly twenty of them), etc. But as is the case with traditional advertising, it’s almost impossible to track the effectiveness of these ads. In the first three months after partnering with Drive, Chuck’s Boots was able to attribute 1,600 purchases with $213,958.94 in revenue directly to Drive’s social media marketing efforts. Of the revenue, $111,576.78 was from new customers, speaking to the ability to drive new customers to increase brick and mortar sales. Additionally, for every dollar Chuck’s Boots invested into social media marketing, they received an average of $67.72 or a 6,772% return.


Return On Ad Spend


Total Purchases


of purchases from brand new customers


Boots for Every Walk of Life

Chuck’s Boots is a boots and outerwear store based in St. Louis, Missouri, offering a wide variety of footwear options. Featuring over 70,000 pairs in stock ranging from protective workwear, western, motorcycle, and hiking boots, as well as apparel from the top brands in the business, Chuck’s Boots is STL’s local source for all footwear needs, boasting top footwear brands like Ariat, Thorogood, Timberland, and Carolina. Their mission is to provide a boot buying journey throughout the lives of their customers and with over 1,400 styles to choose from, they provide the perfect “boots for every walk of life”.


Drive Brick & Mortar Sales

When we partnered with Chuck’s Boots in September of 2019, our mission was to drive more brick and mortar sales to increase overall revenue for the business. Chuck’s had seen a downturn in revenue over the previous five years and investing more in their traditional advertising channels wasn’t moving the needle. Additionally, the lack of a proper e-commerce solution and POS system to accurately track customer data compounded the issues. Overall, Chuck’s wanted to utilize social media to reach new audiences, more accurately retarget repeat purchasers, and gauge ROI not currently available by their typical traditional marketing efforts.


Speak Directly to Customers

Through the integration of our proprietary Marketing Milk software, we were able to utilize Chuck’s Boots’ existing customer information and leveraged AI/machine learning to identify audiences of new customers that are similar to their existing customers. Utilizing the platforms Facebook and Instagram, we were able to build on the already successful brand of Chuck’s Boots by showcasing their wide variety of products and expertise as St. Louis’ largest boot retailer. Through a combination of witty and playful copy, and visually-appealing images, our campaigns were able to capture the essence of Chuck’s Boots and solve the needs of customers looking for new footwear, including safety, durability, fashion, and function.


A Shoe-in for Results

In the first stage of our strategy, in which our goal is to simply establish proof of concept by pulling one new customer off of social media, Drive social media was able to attribute an astounding 1,600 purchases directly resulting in $213,958.94 in revenue from just over $3,000 in ad spend. In addition, for every dollar spent on Facebook and Instagram, they saw a 6772% return on ad spend (ROAs).

“I will say that throughout the process of this and from the start of the partnership with Drive, it’s been a very easy-going relaxing environment that has allowed an open dialogue and communication back and forth. It makes it much easier to go out and trust that someone is going to spend your money the right way and help to get you the most bang for your buck. The fact that our campaigns really took off and shined, was really nothing that we did on our part. It was all Drive’s process and strategy that was developed on Day 1 of the partnership.”

— Shawn Lane, Owner of Chuck’s Boots


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