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Curating the look of an effective ad strategy


In the initial nine months of partnership with Drive, Paperdolls Boutique was able to attribute almost 3,000 purchases with more than $332,000 in revenue directly to Drive Social Media’s advertising efforts. Our Facebook ads strategy has been able to drive more than 480 new customers into Paperdolls’ brick-and-mortar location.

In total, Paperdolls invested $7,186.53 in Facebook ads, meaning they received a $2.49 cost-per-purchase and over 46x return on ad spend!




Cost Per Lead


Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


Celebrating Women’s Stories

With four locations across St. Louis, Paperdolls delivers a highly-personalized, satisfying, and—above all—fun shopping experience to women of all ages. With styles that range from trendy to timeless, Paperdolls has a handpicked collection that will satisfy any woman who walks through their doors.


Drive Brick & Mortar Sales while increasing eCommerce

When Drive partnered with Paperdolls Boutique nine months ago, our goal was to drive more brick-and-mortar sales while building the digital customer journey. The ownership team at Paperdolls wanted to utilize Drive to institute a new ecommerce solution on their website, reach new customers through social media, and accurately track a return on investment from their advertising efforts.


Redesign The Digital Journey

Utilizing an API bridge between the point-of-sale system and Facebook via Marketing Milk, we were able to leverage Paperdolls’ existing customer information to build A.I-driven lookalike audiences to find potential new customers. win-back previous customers who had not bought over a specific period of time, and increase overall purchase frequency.

Combining ad placements on Instagram and Facebook, we were able to introduce the unique boutique to potential new customers who are already in-market or near-market. Our creative approach, focused on the wide variety of products and styles available at Paperdolls, their consultative approach to fashion, as well as highlighting the numerous accolades that the brand has received.


Full Store Re-design

Our goal after nine months of work together, established at the outset of the partnership, was as an overall 2:1 ROI between brick-and-mortar and ecommerce sales combined.

Our purchase goal for the year was 814 customers in order to reach a 3X return on investment. We came out of the gate hot in our initial phase with 583 purchases in the first 90 days. We then readjusted our campaigns and scaled up our ad spend, which resulted in 1,483 purchases over the next three months. Over the course of the ensuing three months, we were able to drive a whopping 2,227, and nearly an 8X return on investment, proving that Drive’s scalable crawl, walk, run strategy is optimal for scaling a return on investment from social media.

As a result of the growth the business experienced, Paperdolls was able to break ground on a full redesign to their flagship store and has plans to do the same to it’s remaining three locations in the near future.

"Drive is excellent at developing targeted strategies based on the ever-changing Facebook algorithm. They did a lot of legwork to understand our customers and built target audiences grounded in that research and data. We saw ROI above our expectations within a few months of launching our campaigns."

— Rob Garwitz, Paperdolls Boutique


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