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Turning The Tables With A 40X ROI For Ashley HomeStore Outlet

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Three short months after partnering with Drive Social Media, Ashley Furniture Outlet was able to attribute 192 purchases, resulting in $77,736.62 revenue in correlation with Drive’s marketing efforts. For every dollar invested into Drive’s advertising, Ashley Furniture Outlet received an average of 40.14x return on investment. As a Social Media Advertising Agency, we promise every client a 3x return on investment on the year; however, Ashley Outlet surpassed that goal in less than 90 days.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


Overstock Furniture At The Lowest Prices in Town

Ashley Furniture Outlet is a brick-and-mortar store in Clarksville, TN that sells discontinued Ashley HomeStore Furniture for as much as 70% less than the original price. In addition to selling discounted Ashley Products at a fraction of the cost, Ashley Outlet replenishes their store with a new selection of inventory every week.
With competitors only a mile away, Ashley Outlet knew they needed to invest in marketing efforts that would put them ahead of the curve.

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More Money In The Cash Register

Ashley Outlet partnered with Drive Social Media with the hopes of generating brick-and-mortar sales while reaching a 3x return on their marketing investment. With over 12 competing furniture stores in Clarksville, they depended on our state-of-the-art advertising strategy to make a name for themselves in the already-crowded market.


Value, Value, Value!

In order to achieve our goal of 3x return on investment in the year, we implemented the value point of a 70% discount into nearly every advertisement, while split-testing the wide variety of in-store inventory. By doing this, we were able to hyperfocus our advertising on people that were interested in specific products. For example, we targeted people that were searching for bedroom sets with advertisements that featured a bedroom set carousel.

With such a large value incorporated into our campaigns, we needed to find the perfect audience to target with our advertisements. Thus, we integrated our Marketing Milk Software, Ashley Outlet’s current customer base, and AI/Machine learning to create a lookalike audience of potential customers. This combination of direct and simple messaging with custom audiences was the perfect recipe to reach a 40.14x return on investment within 90 short days.

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Outpacing Our Goal By 1,238%

Drive guarantees every client a 3x return on investment by the end of the year; however, we exceeded that goal within as little as 3 months with 192 purchases. Thanks to our collaborative efforts and immediate prosperity, the team at Ashley Furniture Outlet made the decision to bring an additional 2 businesses into partnership with us. Now, we have the pleasure of surpassing goals for Ashley HomeStore, Ashley Furniture Outlet AND Furniture Connection, all 3 owned by the same team.

"The advertising budget that we have spent with Drive Social Media has been the best spent advertising dollars in our 20 year company history. The ROI is phenomenal and it is verifiable through Marketing Milk. We also clearly saw sales increase in the first month and customers also told us that they saw our ads."

— David Berggren, Owner


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