Mountain Bike Shed

Conquering the Unknown Trail of 2020


From March to September 2020, Mountain Bike Shed was able to attribute 458 generating a grand total of $211,698.13 in revenue directly tied to Drive’s social media marketing efforts. Additionally, for every $1 Mountain Bike Shed invested into social media marketing on Facebook, it generated an average of $41.85 or a 4,185% return.

When the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic started in March, businesses across the country began to seek new methods to maintain their operations through digital revenue streams amidst a rapidly evolving business landscape. This was no different for Mountain Bike Shed, and the team members at Drive Social Media used their marketing knowledge to develop a winning strategy to overcome challenging government regulations in regards to brick-and-mortar businesses in the area. Through a shift in Drive Social Media Facebook Strategy to an all e-Commerce focus, Mountain Bike Shed was able to continue to grow their business without skipping a beat.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


St. Louis’ Home of Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Shed is a brick-and-mortar mountain bike store based in Eureka, Missouri. The store offers a wide variety of bikes, apparel, parts, equipment, and more. Around the area, it has become widely known as the HUB of the St. Louis Mountain Bike Community. Through their endless efforts to grow the local Mountain Bike Community, Mountain Bike Shed played a pivotal role in the opening of the new Eureka Mountain Bike Park, which brought all-new opportunities to the sport in the region. Highlighted as Terrain Magazine’s Best Off-Road Bike Shop, “The SHED” is the Midwest’s Mountain Bike HOME.


Convert Brick & Mortar Sales to e-Commerce Sales

Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Mountain Bike Shed generated high amounts of foot traffic to their in-person at their Eureka storefront. However, when local government regulations prevented customers from shopping in-store, Mountain Bike Shed was ultimately left with three choices:

Do Nothing and Remain Closed until regulations were lifted
Permanently close the business
Embrace change & pivot to an e-commerce strategy

After the initial shock of quarantine wore off, Adam Scott, the Owner of The Mountain Bike Shed, took the future of his business into his own hands and decided that his business would embrace the changing environment. By pivoting to an all e-Commerce strategy, Mountain Bike Shed was able to sustain it’s growth despite challenges beyond the control of the business.


e-Commerce - A Trail to the Future

Through the utilization of our existing customer data and past campaign performance, the team at Drive Social Media was able to help Mountain Bike Shed embrace a full e-Commerce approach. Through AI/machine learning, we were able to identify audiences of new digital customers, similar to their existing brick and mortar customers. Drive’s creative promoted Mountain Bike Shed as St. Louis’ HOME for Mountain Bikes, which became an extremely successful campaign during the national shutdown by providing the tools to enjoy and outdoor activities while most of the world was shut indoors. The Drive + Mountain Bike Shed adapted strategy was able to able to ensure continued growth of not only Mountain Bike Shed’s business, but also the St. Louis Mountain Bike Community as a whole for years to come.


From March 1 through September 30, 2020, Drive Social Media has consistently outpaced its goal of 3x ROI with Mountain Bike Shed. Our e-commerce strategy drove 458 sales, which led to $211,698.13 in direct revenue for the business from just a little more than $5,000 in advertising spend. For every dollar spent on Facebook and Instagram, The Mountain Bike Shed witnessed a 4185% return on ad spend (ROAs).

"Sorry it took me so long to get you a quote for your case study. I was too busy handling all the business you all have been driving me!"

— Adam S., Owner


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