Green Bean Delivery

Harvesting A Bumper ROI For An Online Grocery Delivery Service


Drive Social Media utilized AI-targeted campaigns with a variety of Facebook ad formats to significantly increase revenue on Green Bean Delivery’s e-commerce platform. Drive’s goal was to generate $156,600 in attributed revenue in 12 months - achieving a 3x ROI. However, in just 3 months, we drove a total of 9,139 purchases - totaling $5,063,520.39 attributed revenue and an overall 369.55x ROI.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


Fresh. Local. Delivered.

Green Bean Delivery is an eCommerce and subscription service, based in Indianapolis, IN, that provides local, organic, and specialty food through an eco-friendly and sustainable fulfillment process. Its members can fully customize weekly or one-off orders to fit their family’s unique schedule, dietary needs, and favorite recipes. The company’s vast, online selection is carefully curated by an in-house nutritionist to ensure products only contain natural ingredients and are ethically produced and sourced. In addition to supporting nearby farms and artisans, Green Bean has donated more than 1.2 million pounds of fresh produce to organizations feeding people in its community.


Scale e-Commerce Sales

Since its start, Green Bean had been mainly using organic, grassroots, and untrackable marketing approaches to advertise its “online farmers market.” After experiencing a steadily dropping revenue stream, they were interested in using a scalable model to increase purchases and new subscribers while encouraging currently inactive members to return to its ordering platform. Through partnering with Drive Social Media, the company set a goal of 3x ROI over the course of twelve months.


Planting The Right Seeds

Utilizing Green Bean’s member database, Drive created an AI lookalike audience that matched 820,000 people in specified zip codes within a 1% variance of customer profiles. A/B split-tested static, lead generation, and AI-driven dynamic ads were delivered to these, until then, unreached Facebook and Instagram users whose demographics closely matched the buying habits of current subscribers. Ads highlighting Green Bean’s product selection, sourcing practices, and eco-friendly services were served at a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of only $2.82 within the first three months. The average CPM on Facebook is around $7.77. The low rate meant that Drive’s campaigns were putting the right content in front of the most relevant audiences. Ads were also targeted and retargeted to people who had bought in the past, and/or had visited the website within the past 28 days - bringing back past customers who had unsubscribed for one reason or another.


Harvesting ROI

Within 3 months, Drive’s AI lookalike campaigns shattered the 12-month goal, generating 77 purchases and attributing $46,062.49 in revenue. In total, Drive’s efforts brought 9,139 purchases and 2,426 new subscriptions, bringing in a total of $5,063,520.39 attributed revenue, 1,279.81x ROAS (return on ad spend), and a 369.55x ROI. After receiving an unprecedented amount of orders and briefly turning off registrations due to new customer interest, Green Bean worked with Drive to update the customer journey and acquisition process on its homepage and eCommerce platform. Now, Drive is using Marketing Milk, its proprietary analytics software, to optimize creative elements based on what is known to convert. With such a high ROAS (for every $1 put into a campaign, we are receiving an attributed $1,279 in revenue), we are steadily increasing ad spend, scaling to a larger return.

"Partnering with Drive Social was a wise decision for our organization and the results from the campaigns they’ve helped launch are the proof. Beyond having an ROI that surpassed our expectations, their entire team generously offered their expertise every step of the way. We’re proud to call them a partner in our marketing efforts."


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