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Crafting Incredible ROI For A Jewelry Retailer


Drive Social Media utilized paid social media ad campaigns to increase revenue on Judith Bright’s e-commerce platform by 76.15%.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


Customizing A Brighter World

Judith Bright is a boutique jeweler with two locations in Middle Tennessee and an e-commerce shop. True to their namesake, the shops in downtown Franklin and 12South are bright, welcoming, and bustling with energy and light. Offering reasonably priced pieces, Judith Bright’s jewelry is also customizable, matching high-quality items with intimate customer service. Historically, Judith Bright has been an experience-based store where guests watch as their rings, necklaces, cuffs, and earrings are crafted before their very eyes on-site by a jewelry artisan.

Judith Bright Case Study Crafting Results


Crafting Results

Judith Bright has traditionally focused on in-person sales, with their e-commerce shop remaining relatively stagnant each year. While the Judith Bright team had been planning to put a focus on online sales in 2020, COVID-19 made this a necessity. Judith Bright partnered with Drive to increase online sales by implementing a trackable, scalable, paid social media strategy.


Intentional Strategies

Leveraging Judith Bright’s loyal customer base, Drive was able to harness AI audiences to reach people who matched past customer buying habits with a variance of just 1%. Through carousel, product-focused ads and dynamic combinations, Drive put the right content in front of the most relevant audiences giving the ads the best possible chance to convert customers. Custom, dynamic AI ads, in particular, were able to harness multiple ad combinations and optimize them to uniquely deliver the best ad creative for each impression served.

Expanding Judith Bright’s radius from Middle Tennessee to reach nationwide, Drive tapped into Facebook’s Pixel technology to retarget website visitors to call them back to items they had viewed or left in their online cart. These strategies allowed Judith Bright to acquire more customers nationwide while achieving low cost-per-acquisition.


Dazzling ROI

Drive exceeded the one-year goal of 3x ROI within just three months (April - July 2020, at the height of the pandemic), ultimately achieving an 8.62x ROI. With Drive’s e-commerce-based strategy, Judith Bright was able to track purchases in real-time, watching as 472 purchases brought in $94,913. By steadily increasing ad spend throughout this time, Judith Bright was able to scale her return 4x faster than originally projected.

“Drive has been a game-changer for our business. We started with them during the pandemic. We knew we had to bring major attention to our web business as our stores were closed for four months. They drilled in and got the job done. Our web sales carried us through 2020 and I’m sure that the Drive team’s efforts were an integral part of that result. Their process and systems are like no others I’ve experienced. I can honestly say that I completely trust their process and judgement. They are also flexible and very methodical about testing ads and creating content. We are definitely a team. They are also all kind, nice, considerate people. I can not recommend them highly enough!”

— Judith Bright, Owner


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