Drunken Fish

Changing the strategy of dine-in to carryout and delivery due to COVID-19.

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When the iconic Japanese sushi restaurant group was forced to pivot to online ordering, carryout, and delivery, Facebook ads led to greater data collection, stronger targeting, and ultimately a 9X+ increase in results for a 69X ROI.






Return On Ad Spend


Return On Investment


An Award-Winning Dining Experience

With three locations across St. Louis and one in Kansas City, Drunken Fish is the most critically-acclaimed sushi & Japanese dining experience in the Midwest. They’re infamous for sushi, but they also offer stir fry, nigiri, sashimi, and, not to mention, an award-winning cocktail menu! Over the past two years, they have won Favorite Japanese/Sushi, Favorite Cocktail Selection, Best Japanese, and Best Happy Hour!

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Drive Carryout and Delivery Orders

During our initial meetings, Drunken Fish aimed to improve their sales and number of covers per day. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our goals shifted to fully focus on carryout and delivery orders.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

The only certainty during the government shut down in early 2020 was being able to improvise, adapt, and overcome would be vitally important for businesses. Drive Social Media and Drunken Fish were able to meet and shift our strategy very quickly — pivoting ads to carry-out and delivery orders, and, once the shutdown was lifted, how customers can dine-in safely.

The pandemic caused a dramatic increase in customer data collected by Drunken Fish — allowing us to create stronger artificial intelligence (AI) audiences. A Facebook Lookalike Audience leverages shared qualities of a business’ customers and then uses this to create an audience of similar people.

By utilizing Drunken Fish’ customer data, we were better able to optimize their ad spend during the COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in a cheaper cost-per-acquisition and more ROI!

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drunken fish ad by drive social media highlighting dine-in takeout and delivery


Rolling Out a Viable Strategy

Since May 2020, Drive Social Media’s attributed more than $145,000 in revenue and 3,700 purchases! We achieved these results from effectively optimizing the campaigns for in-store purchases and online and carry-out orders by retargeting past customers and acquiring new customers from our lookalike audiences.

In total, Drunken Fish invested $6,318.71 in Facebook ads, meaning they received a $1.71 cost-per-purchase, over 101x return on ad spend, and 46x ROI!

By increasing the customer data collection, Drunken Fish has been able to leverage artificial intelligence to continue to drive new customers to their multiple, award-winning restaurants. With our continued partnership, we are truly excited to build a long-term digital strategy for Drunken Fish to acquire new customers, increase the frequency of repeat visits, and increase the average ticket price.


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